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  1. Bring PEACE

  2. Do something OUTRAGEOUS.

  3. Do something very SENSIBLE.

  4. Do something AWESOME.

  5. Do something REMARKABLE

  6. Be very OBSERVANT and notice something other Beings haven’t noticed.

  7. Fill a NEED.

  8. Do something AMAZING.



While the POSARONA was visiting the Birds, the White Owl had a word with them. It seems that the Farmyard Animals wanted to learn to read but they needed a Teacher. Well- it looks like two needs can be taken care of in one go.

The Farmyard Animals needs a reading teacher.

Wee Stafford Stultifier needs a job on a Farm. he loves Farms but the other thing he loves is READING.

One of the Gatherers went off to fetch Wee Stafford and bring him to the Farmyard.

We all think its going to be a happy Yard.





The POSARONAs had a very simple plan that was also quite  Remarkable.  They had heard that some of the Birds were very angry and upset about being called “BIRD-BRAINED”. They thought it was insulting.

The Posaronas had heard that many of the Birds were ashamed to be called “ BIRD-BRAINED”.

In fact, things were getting serious amongst the Birds.

The rooster had stopped cock-a-doodle-dooing.

The Pelicans were not filling their bills with anything. 

If the Birds did anything wrong, they would just say;

We can’t help it. We are just BIRD-BRAINED. We are not very clever at all.

Poppy and Rose and Nana and Saffron had been talking quietly to the Owl, the Swallow and the Duck. They had talked to every bird they could think of and invited them to a big meeting under the Owl’s Tree. THE TREE OF WISDOM.

The OWL is known everywhere as being very, very, very WISE. If a bird-brain can be THAT wise – then a BIRD BRAIN is a good thing to be have.

It was a remarkable meeting. The Birds listened and told their own stories and by the end, they all had T-shirts that said “ BIRD-BRAINED AND PROUD OF IT. “



I can fly onto a branch. I can can cock-a-doodle-doo.
aesopsfables00aeso_0047 aesopsfables00aeso_0193
I can fly out of sight into the sky. We can lay eggs.
animalheroesbein00setouoft_0091 babydaysnewselec00newy_0062
We are Beautiful. We have long legs. We can talk.
fablesfornursery00traiiala_0010 babydaysnewselec00newy_0139

That night, Nana and the Girls slept in the Guests’ Nests of the Tree of Wisdom. It had been a remarkable day. The Birds seemed to be proud to be Birds and the Bush was filled with Birdsong.  When the Girls and Nana had fallen asleep, Little birds fluttered up to them and covered them with the very best feathers that they could spare. Good Night, Posaronas.




Up on the 3rd Tower in the Perfumed Garden, the Tiny, Tiny birds are learning to fly.  Its always a bit of a worry for the grown-ups. They worry that the Tin, Tiny Birds will fly off the edge and fall to the ground. They worry about all sorts of things when their children begin to fly.

The Grownup birds yabber yabber yabber, telling the children how to do it.

The Grownup Birds chitter chitter chitter telling them things they must not do.

There is really no need to worry at all.

The Spiders have woven silken nets  all around the Tower Top and no Tiny Tony Bird has ever fallen over the edge.


Sometimes you can hear the tip tip tap tap of the baby woodpeckers being taught to peck. The Woodpeckers make their own Music. Its called Peckussion.

Trouble  really dislikes Peckussion and that’s a good thing for Triflora.  When the Peckers start into pecking, the tip tap goes right through the ground and under the ice and into the Cave of Trouble. She HATES the sound of it. She hates  the sound even more when the Tiny Peckers are learning to peck.


Down in the Garden amongst the Sheep, Amelia is digging a well. Amelia is very tiny indeed. Noone knows what kind of animal she is and sometimes her enormous eyes look sad. She says she is not lonesome but she looks lonely to me.

Amelia likes living in the 3rd Tower. She feels safe there. She has her own room and the food is just lovely. The only thing Amelia is not quite happy about is the Water.

All the water in Trifloran wells is crystal and sweet.

All the water in Trifloran wells is good for you.

But maybe not for Amelia.  She is looking for something different and only she knows what it is.  We think its something to do with her Bath because she wears her bath robe all the time, even when she is digging.

If you know what Amelia is looking for, do let us know. Perhaps we can help her.


The Tower Photographer was at 3rd Tower today. Everyone except for Amelia was dressed very smartly and hair and fur and feathers were brushed.

The tiny Beings of the 3rd Tower are very excited. They are planning to hang photographs along the corridors.

Tiny Beings are not always noticed by bigger Beings. Just wait until these photos come back. The Tiny Beings have ordered BLOWUPS and ENLARGEMENTS to give to their Friends in Triflora.

For sure, they will be noticed then.


rabbitscatscavie00lanerich_0159The Tiny Beings of the Tower are very proud of being so small but some of them have had  terrible frights out there in Triflora. Gustaf the Ghost Rabbit has almost been trodden on by 4329 people. His nerves are shattered.  He refused to go in the photo and he says he will NEVER leave the Tower again.


Fulmer Xenophon is a different matter. Fulmer doesn’t let his size stop him from trying everything. He is thinking of going across to live on Cat and Fiddle Island even though he is only as big as an ordinary Trifloran Cat’s clawnail.

Fulmer Xenophon is one courageous pussycat.







Nana is taking a Fly Around to see who else is up in the Air.

The 3 Minstrel Birds and the Mad Mozzie from Mad Island.

whiteducklingoth00dole_0077Oh! What bad manners!
Olaf Jacobson knows very well that he cannot fly on someone else’s tail feathers.

fairytales00labo_0015Oh no! Charmaginia is at it again.
We have told her that the girl does not want to be a witch.
We have told her that the girl is no good at being a witch.
We have told her not to tie Charmaine to her broomstick and not to scare her half to death.
Some people are not meant for flying.

fairytales00labo_0082Well, there goes Raymond, the Shoemaker.
Look at that flying !
He said he could make the perfect flying shoes and there he is. There he is.

Well done, Raymond.  You fly like a bird!

starsofmaoriland00reed_0009Here comes the  Star Spreader.
He carries a basket filled with starlets and stardust and he sprinkles them all across the sky.




The Moon waits till the Star Spreader has flown the Night Skies and them comes smiling out to shine all over Triflora.

star with hearts






Three of the Critters who didn’t come to the Party for No Reason At All are the 3 Ice Bears. The Ice Bears are happiest at home in the Frozen places. They lie around on the Ice and swim deep in the icy waters. The Ice Bears don’t really think they need help from anyone but this time – THEY DO.

They can hardly sit up. Their tongues are swelling up in their mouths. They are so hot that even the ice is not cooling them down.  This time they DO need help. 


It was fortunate for the 3 Ice Bears that the White Peacock had been watching them for quite a while.  He had been sent by the Ice Girls because they had not heard ANY music from the Bears for days and days.

Now you all know that TROUBLE is just waiting for the Music to stop. Trouble is down underneath Triflora in a very horrible cave.

Just waiting. Just listening. Just planning .

Trouble is always looking for a way to come up top again and she can get up to some rather nasty tricks to do that.

One day the little grey fishes of the Ice brought a message down to Trouble. The Ice Bears were not singing. They were not practising their music at all. The Ice Bears have NEVER really been keen on Music. They only did it because they had been told about Trouble. It doesn’t work very well when you don’t LIKE Music and the Bears worked out an idea between the 3 of them.

It wasn’t a very good idea. It was the kind of idea people think up when they don’t want to do something. It was one of those ideas when you want to stop doing what :THEY” have told you to.

This was their idea  “ We will not do Music anymore. They told us to! But we don’t have to. Trouble is not going to come and bother us because we are big and strong and have very ferocious faces and huge claws. So we will not sing anymore and we will not play any instruments and we will be fine. We will not bother Trouble and Trouble will not bother us.”

The White Peacock heard them talking about their idea. Oh no! This is going to mean Trouble.”

Sure enough, Trouble was just under the Bears’ IceBerg and she had a fire blazing down there.  The Ice Bears were so hot they couldn’t move. Trouble sprinkled three poisons onto her fire and the poisonous smoke sneaked up through the cracks and into the eyes and noses and mouths of the Ice Bears.

White Peacock sent Madriel Peacock straight to the Ice Castle to tell them about the Bears’ IDEA.  The Girls were pretty angry but not surprised. They got the Boats ready and set out for the Bears’ Iceberg.


Now the White Peacock is no singer. If you have ever heard a peacock, you will know what I mean.  But he KNEW that Music was the only thing that would send Trouble away from fire and back down into the Nether Regions where she dwelt.

“Well, I only have to make music until the ice girls get here. I can do that! I hope I can do that!”

White Peacock had no instrument with him and so he had to SING. The more he sang, the hotter it got and the more poisonous the smoke became. White Peacock made the sort of noise that Trouble just loves.

Oh no! The Ice girls will never get here in time. The more I sing the closer Trouble is coming.”



The Dog with the Silver Voice.

Imagine how pleased he was when 2 paws and a little nose poked up over the edge of the Berg and a small mouth opened with the most beautiful song a small could sing. After justa few words and that silvery voice, the water began to cool, the ice froze hard again, the bears began to breathe easily and could almost sit up. Trouble is SO allergic to beautiful music that she had shrivelled and wiggled and slid back into her Cave.

The Ice Girls will be giving those 3 Ice Bears some music lessons as soon as they arrive.

The Ice Girls will also be giving White Peacock an instrument so that he doesn’t invite Trouble in again with that truly terrible voice of his.

And the Ice Girls will be giving the little dog anything that he wants. Well done, Little Dog! You have saved the bears and you have saved the Ice Lands.

The Wandering Minstrel Dog and Marsha May McNeil travel all over Triflora, singing and playing. They say they will stay a little while on the Ice Berg until the Bears are really well again.




Nana loves Birds. Wizzy loves birds. The birds spend a lot of time in the Towers. Wizzy spends an hour every morning making special breakfasts for them. And  they bring Nana all manner of news.

However, on the roof of the 3rd Tower is the best place for a Bird Party. The birds come there for weddings and funerals and birthdays and just for plain fun.

The Bird Choir practises there. Once a week.

There is quite a garden up on top as well and a lake for the Birds that like the Water.



I don’t think I have told you about the 3rd Tower.

It’s a very tiny tower. Well – it seems tiny because it is the Tower of the Tiniest Beings in all of Triflora. Sometimes, little People and little Beings need a place of their very own.

The 3rd Tower tinkles with tiny laughter and shimmers with wee little fairy people. They call it the Miniature Tower and then they laugh because it doesn’t seem miniature to them at all. It fits them perfectly.

One of the very best things about the 3rd Tower is the COLOUR. Most towers are beautiful, but kind of stoney and grey. Some Towers are very scarey and others are absolutely dangerous.

The 3rd Tower is the only one which is truly colourful.


The Guardians of the 3rd Tower are the Sheep. Perhaps you don’t think Sheep make very Good Guardians. Sheep don’t seem to be very tough or very mean or even very clever.

But the Sheep are perfect for the Miniature Tower. They wander around eating grass and looking peaceful.

Nobody asks them why they are there.

Nobody thinks a Sheep is guarding something as precious as the Miniature Castle.

Creatures trust Sheep.

Everyone looks at a Sheep and thinks

I am cleverer and smarter than that Sheep. I could NEVER be tricked by a Sheep”

Well, let me tell you, these are smart and clever Sheep and they can trick most people.

beastlyrhymes00johnrich_0031It makes them excellent Guardians for the Tiny 3rd Tower.

Now, when you hear of anyone or anything going into the Miniature Tower, please do remember that they are truly tiny.

Just look at the wee little Pig catching the wreath of flowers. He is only as big as an eyelash.

I was going to tell you more about the Perfumed Garden but I am sleepy now so I shall tell you tomorrow.  Good Night for now.  Sleep sweetly.