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Brownies do love Village Life. They like being busy and they like having things to do. John Joseph is probably the smartest dresser of all the Brownies. He even adds colour sometimes. Not many Brownies do that. They all wear BROWN.

But John Joseph adds “touches of colour”. That’s what he calls his blue hat and his silver bells and his bright red shoes.

He is VERY fussy about keeping House. He lives with the Oddling Dreamer. The Dreamer does a lot of sitting and thinking and dreaming and he doesn’t have to worry about the House because John Joseph keeps it clean and neat and even adds a vase of flowers every single morning.


Gardens grow all round the Village. Plants of all kinds.

Do be very careful when you come to visit.

Some plants are actually Homes for Fairies and Flower Children and other Beings.

Just the other day, Katriona heard a tiny wee noise in a vine the grows on her cottage wall and when she looked under the leaves, she saw a Butterfly Fairy just sitting there and singing.



In the middle of the Village is a well. A well is a deep hole in the ground and it goes down to water. You can put a bucket on a rope and lower it all the way down, fill it up and bring it back to the top. Wells are a bit old fashioned these days but Triflora has a few.  Nerissa lives at the bottom of a Well. 

The Well in the middle of the Village can take you down to Nerissa’s house – if you are a Seashellian or another kind of Mer Person.

The Well in the Middle of the Village has the sweetest and best water in all of Triflora.

The Well in the Middle of the Village has the best and sweetest Well Keeper in all of Triflora.  Her name is Muriel. She wears pretty clothes in bright colours and her hair is so long that it touches her feet. Muriel likes to send the bucket deep into the Well and bring back a fresh drink of Water for People and Beings. Muriel gives people a drink from her silver jug and they ALWAYS feel better.

Muriel made herself a promise years ago. She promised herself that she would ask NO questions of the people who came to the Well. The Drinkers usually had a secret of some kind but Muriel would not ask them to tell her anything. So, she just smiles and gives them a drink and listens if they want to talk.  She doesn’t tell other people’s secrets to anyone at all.

Muriel is VERY wise and People and Beings trust her without even knowing why.


The Cats are very happy with their own Island. They come and go whenever they want and no Cat has to live in a mess anymore. Cats do not like Mess. They like things to be IMMACULATE. They are even fussier than John Joseph, the Brownie with a touch of colour. If anyone tries to make a cat sleep outside or in a messy place, the Cat just says Goodbye and Miaow and takes the Ferry across to Cat and Fiddle Island. There is ALWAYS a place for a Cat on the Island.


At the edge of the Village are some of the Farms. Triflora water is good stuff and so is Triflora’s milk. Milking cows is another thing that Brownie John Joseph does REALLY well. It seems to be second nature to them.

Show a John Joseph a cow and before you know it, he has a milking stool out, a milking apron on and he is filling a cup with the milk faster than anyone else in Triflora can even imagine.

I don’t know how John Jo makes the milk taste so good. It could be the strange Brownie milking song he sings or it could be the tender way he talks to the Cows. 

John Joseph is very popular in the Village.  Everyone loves him and John Jo loves them all.






Just about the whole of Triflora watched the Flight of the Flying Beings. They loved the colours and the music and the songs. They loved the whole Flight  and didn’t even think about anything else while it was on.

Except for MONTROSE. He was inside nicking people’s meals again. He really can’t seem to help himself.

One day, he will nick the food of someone who won’t put up with it.


We know Brownies get very hungry but this is not the way to do it !



Parades and Flights are wonderful things but I rather like the afternoon of the 3rd day when things get a little quieter.

I like sitting around and talking.

I like feeding the Swans on the Lake.

I like the good food and happy people.  Tamara and Titus grew up with the baby swans. They look like ordinary children but they are not. They hatched from Eggs in the Swan nest. 

Let’s see what else is happening After the Flight. browniestheirboo00coxp_0020

The Brownies seem to be all gathered together.

That could be a good thing.

It looks to me like they are planning something.

That might not be a good thing.

Brownies come up with some pretty mischievous plans.  I think I might watch them for a little while. I am old and I wear black. They won’t notice me at all. People don’t notice old people. Best I send a text to my Friends. They can keep a watch on the Brownies as well.


Well, there they are. Whatever are they doing ? I rather think they have been eating choc chip cherry cookies. They always send the Brownies over the top.

Brownies are excitable as well as mischievous and when they get into the cookies – they just go plain wild.

They tumble and stumble and fumble and bumble.



Uncle Victor and Walter only see each other at the Party. Victor is only as big as Uncle Walter’s  boot. Victor loves his Uncle Walter but his Mum and Dad don’t think Uncle Walter is a good influence on Victor.

Victor doesn’t even know what an “ influence” is.

All he knows is that he loves Uncle Walter. They walk all round the Party and get ice cream. They watch the circus and they laugh and laugh. Victor introduces him to his friends; “ This is the brother of my mother.”

And when Uncle Walter sits down for a rest, Victor pulls off his boots for him. Now that’s some pretty good boot pulling – because, as I told you – each boot is the same size as Victor. It can be hard work having a giant for your uncle.


Xerottia is down at the flowers again. She is not a flower fairy but she wants to be one. The problem is that Xerottia is incredibly allergic to flowers. They send her as silly as choc chip cherry cookies send Montrose.

Fairies dance and fly and have a marvellous time but Xerottia never seems to do it quite right.

She leaps a little too high and her skin is a little too pale.

She doesn’t make friends easily. I don’t quite exactly know why.


Just out the back of Poppy’s Place is the Little Green Orchard. Its one of the best resting places in Triflora especially at Party Time.

Someone is always sitting there.

In fact there are a lot more things sitting in the Orchard than you might think.

It’s a lovely place to eat a bowl of fruit salad or draw a picture or write a poem.

It’s a lovely place to sit for a while.

There is NO TALKING in the Little Green Orchard.

It’s a resting place.


On the left hand side of the Little Green Orchard are the Sleeping  Eggs. Very cosy, the eggs are.

If you need a sleep – just pop into a Sleeping Egg for a little while and you will come out as bright and wide awake as can be.

I don’t know what they put in the air in those eggs, but a half hour sleep is all you need.

If you feel sleepy, DO HAVE A LITTLE SLEEP.

Its very easy to stay awake too long at parties and its not good for you.




A Party as big as this needs rather a lot of food.

A Party as mixed up as this needs many different kinds of food.

Triflora is very good at FOOD. Many Beings bring their own. The Dragons are there heating the fires day and night for 5 days.

The Teddy Bears bring their picnics and share them with anyone who would like some.

Food is not really a problem – except for a few things now and then. The Brownies can be problems. Not all of them. Just a few. Montrose is one of the rascals. He waits till the Cats are asleep and helps himself to whatever he likes. Montrose eats and eats even though he is so little. Then he jumps up and down as though he had not eaten one bite.

The thing about Food at the Party is that everyone is welcome to eat whatever they wish but it really is bad manners to sneak in and eat somebody else’s meal. Montrose just cannot help himself. So it seems !


Poppy has been out and about before the Party, making sure that absolutely NOONE ate anyone else. Not even a nibble. She made that very clear to the Wolf.

She made it very clear to the Wolf that all 3 Wizards were working together as well as Nana and her Friends. They would NOT be pleased if they heard that anyone had been consumed.

The Wolf got the message. No eating anyone or even trying to.

Poppy brought him some pizza and wine to seal the deal.





The Syrian Goat is perhaps the most difficult to feed. 

Who would expect Goats to be difficult ?

Most goats will eat anything and everything.

Most Goats will eat your socks or your garden. They will eat the rubbish in your bin or your front fence. They will eat the sky, the land, the dirt at your feet. They will eat everything.  That’s why they lock themselves up at night so that they don’t eat EVERYTHING. For the Party, the promise the Spider that they will not do that. They will eat the rubbish. And the Goat food. But they will not try to eat they sky – or anything else that is not Food.

But the Syrian Goat is the opposite. The Syrian Goat is very polite and will not eat anything at all. It makes other people depressed. They offer the Syrian Goat the most tasty food they have, but she simply says No. Thank you very much. I am not hungry.

She has made a promise today to eat SOMETHING. Even just a nibble. The Spiders were not going to let her in through the Webs otherwise.  She makes us too sad !  said the Spiders. So she promised to eat. We will see what we can prepare for her.



singing cecilyparsleysnu00pott_0029

Day 2 is a great day at the Party. Its SINGING DAY.

And it’s the day to meet old friends and make new friends.

The trick is this : no talking allowed. No barking, yelling, miaowing, chirping. 



Singing Day spreads magic all through Triflora. If Trouble were thinking of stirring itself up, it would not be on Singing Day. The Music is EVERYWHERE. Cassandra’s Pigs sing while they’re working. The children sing to the ducks and the ducks sing to the children. Up on the branch, the Brownie sits very quietly. He is going to sing but he knows the children and the ducking will be rather surprised.  Brownies are very small indeed – but their voices are HUGE.  Not their talking voices !

Their Talking Voices are just ordinary Brownie Sized Voices – but their Singing Voices are as big as mountains. Deep as the deepest seas. Wide as the Widest River.  The problem is that Brownies just LOVE to sing. It won’t be long before he starts. His voice is very beautiful but he doesn’t want to scare the Children or the Ducklings.

He especially doesn’t want to frighten Alyx. He thinks Alyx is the loveliest thing he has ever seen. The Brownie LOVES the blue dress she is wearing today.

He likes it when she laughs and he likes it when she sings.

He does not like it when she cries and sighs and looks sad. She does that a lot. Noone knows where Alyx comes from. They all love her but they don’t know where her home is or what kind of Being she is.

If the Brownie could find out, he would. If he could make her smile forever, he would. Alyx doesn’t know about the Brownie who follows her about and looks everywhere for her home and family.

She certainly will find out that he’s there once he starts to sing.


One thing the Brownie has noticed is that Alyx is always near the Water. Any water. She likes to have her feet in the Water. She did see him once when she was younger. She had gone out onto the ice looking for water to put her feet in. Alyx got so tired and cold that she sat down on a stone and cried.

The Brownie was so worried that he turned the stone into a nice hot cake and then took her back to the dry land of Triflora.

He has an idea about Alyx but he is not sure just yet. He is hoping and wishing that something special might happen at the Party, once the Mer People arrive.

I will give you a clue. See what you think!

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