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Its easy to do something Outrageous but the Posaronas  do Outrageous things that make people happy. That’s not so easy to do.

The Posaronas do outrageous things that are Helpful. That’s not easy either.

They headed to Cat and Fiddle Island because Nana was going to do two outrageous things at once.

1. She was going to be very nice to the Cat. She knew that would make the Girls happy.

2. She was going to let the Cat teach her to play the Fiddle. That was outrageous because Nana doesn’t play any musical instruments at all – most especially she doesn’t play instruments with strings – EVER.

( Do not tell the Girls but Nana was smiling a little to herself because someone had told her that the strings on a fiddle were made from cat gut.  )

The Girls were on Cat and fiddle Island to have cloaks made by the TINYKINS. The Cloaks are called NOW YOU SEE ME-NOW YOU DON’T.


Up in the Ice, one of the Ice Bears has gone nuts. She has decided she is Queen of the Ice Bears.  Now, EVERYONE knows that Triflora does not have Queens and Kings. 

There are Beings who think they are KIngs or Queens.

There are Beings who were Kings and Queens before they came to Triflora.

There are Beings whose family had been Kings and Queens.


Triflora is what Nana calls – A DIVINE ANARCHY.

When someone won’t or can’t give up being a King or a Queen, they are given a home in the Royal Palace where they can wander about  and do whatever they like – just so long as they don’t go around bossing  anyone around getting uppity. They can even wear their crowns if they want.

The problem with the Ice Bear who thinks she is the Queen, is that she has talked the other Ice Bears into believing her. They are not thinking straight at all. As we all know Ice Bears can behave in the most peculiar ways.  It is going to take something OUTRAGEOUS to fix this one up and the Posonaras have an Outrageous Plan.


The trick is to get Beloise off the Ice and into the Royal Palace without causing any more problems than necessary.  Nana has decided to dress as an Ice Bear and play Music to Beloise while the Girls sneak up in their NOW YOU SEE ME NOW YOU DON’T Cloaks and lead that silly Ice Bear into a Bear Trap made of Spider Silk.

Nana didn’t get the hang of the Fiddle so the Cat has given her a little harp. It sounded so OUTRAGEOUS that Beloise just froze with shock when the Music started. When Nana started to sing as well as play the Harp, Beloise didn’t need to be tricked by the Cloaked Girls into the Bear Trap. She ran straight in and passed out. The 23 Flying Spiders flew off as fast as they could all the way to the Royal Palace where the thick stone walls protected all of them from the Singing and Harp Playing.

Whoa !! That was fully OUTRAGEOUS !  said the Bear and the Spiders.

The 3 Girls took the earplugs out of their ears, looked at one another and sighed:

Whoa! That was not just Outrageous. That was  HORRIFYING!

But they did not tell Nana. They just hugged her – Bear Suit and All – and said;

Well done ! Nana. Well done!  You are NOT  a Duffer after all – no matter what Mad O’Brian says.

Meanwhile,the Cat had put down the Fiddle and was tiptoeing away. The Cat didn’t want anyone to think it was her fault that Nana played the Harp like that. She thought she might just go and play with Savage Dogs for a while. It would be better than teaching Music to a little old lady who didn’t even say thank you.

TEACHING violin is never a lot of fun for someone who plays as well as the Cat does but its not usually this OUTRAGEOUS.





ruo emoh

CAT and FIDDLE Island is now a wonderful place to live. Lili Pilli has her cottage and the Tinykins are all over the place. The Cats are as happy as  cats can be – and that means that they are VERY happy indeed.

On the edge of Cat and Fiddle Island, the edge closest to the Perfumed Sea, a special Home has been built. It is called RUO EMOH. It is a Home for the Lonely Ones. Each Lonely person has a beautiful room and there are plenty of places to sit and make friends and smell the perfumes coming in from the Sea.

It is very important that Lonely People find a Home where they are safe and happy.


Some of the Beings that come to RUO EMOH are simply lost and just need a place to stay awhile till they find our how to go Home again.

Some of the Beings who come to RUO EMOH just don’t have anywhere else to go and they can stay forever.

Some of the Beings who come to RUO EMOH are lonely and just need some Friendship. RUO EMOH is a good place to make Friends and some of those friendships are quite unusual!

Jovial John and Wallace Wolf are taking the Ferry to Poppy’s Place for lunch. Once upon a time they would not have spoken one word to one another but now they go to lunch every day.  It is a fine friendship.


When Lonely People first come to RUO EMOH, they are sometimes sad. Some of them have been lonely for a long, long time.  Sometimes, they just sit in a chair and look at the floor.

They don’t want to eat and they don’t want to talk to anyone. They just sit there.

It takes a while before the Perfume smells come in from the Sea and make them fell a bit better.

It takes a while till the Music starts to make them feel safe and happy.



Sometimes, the Lonely People stay in their pyjamas all day and just sit in their rooms looking out the window.

The Lonely People see Jovial John and Wallace Wolf going out for lunch and they can’t even imagine having a friend like that.

They can’t imagine being so happy.

They can’t imagine wearing such good clothes or such big smiles.


LilliPilli knows what it feels like to have no Home of your very own.

LilliPilli doesn’t BOTHER the Lonely People. She doesn’t BOTHER them. She just smiles. She wears her pretty clothes and paints colours on the flowers.

She plays the Fiddle and she sings while she is working in the Garden.

It makes Lonely People very curious to see happy people with friends.

LilliPilli is VERY good at making people CURIOUS!



fromgoldtogreybe00brin_0087 One of the best signs that someone is feeling at Home in RUO EMOH is when they start to talk to other people. Hallina has been there for months and months and still has not spoken one single word. Some of the people think they should try to MAKE her talk, but most of them know that gentleness and kindness are the best things. So they SMILE at her. And they leave flowers at her door.

Now she has started to walk in the Garden with a big basket and a lovely hat. She has not spoken one word yet – but we are pretty sure that she has smiled once or twice and Jenny Wren thinks that she heard her singing a little song while she was picking flowers. We think that Hallina will soon be making friends and going to Poppy’s Place for lunch.

ruo emoh


Write your name here if you are catching the Lunch Ferry to the Village.


Arnie and Buttercup

Neddy, Noddy, Freddy and Roddy.

The Bubble Blowers.

The 3 Little Kittens and Auntie Felina.

The Rhubarb Kids and the Oriole.

Old Man Turnip and Young Onion.

Arnie came to RUO EMOH from the Forest. He says he is 724 years old but he only looks about 6 years old. He likes to eat berries. We have shown him other places where he could live with children but he says “I am NOT a child! I am staying here!”

Buttercup is a complete mystery. She doesn’t remember where she came from and we found her sitting on the doorstep one morning.

Neddy and Roddy. Freddy and Noddy. grimmtalesmadeg00levegoog_0150

These 4 Friends spend their days attacking windmills which would upset Pearl very much if she could see them.


THE Bubble Blowers.

littlesongs00foll_0097The 3 Kittens and Auntie Felina.

motherearthschil00gord_0014The Rhubarb Kids and the Oriole.

motherearthschil00gord_0031Old Man Turnip and Young Onion. Some vegetables just aren’t as popular as others but there is a home for them here.