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A little Little Boy by the name of Toby took himself off one day from the Village and managed to lose himself in the Impchkin Forest.

Now, Toby was known to complain.

He complained about almost everything.

He complained almost all the time.

He complained to everyone that he met.

He had taken himself off from the Village because he didn’t like his breakfast. He had  complained to Mumma Jo and Mad O’Brian about it and they just said;


He was very shocked and went to complain to Dadda Jai and Mumma Kate but he took one look at their irritated faces and decided to go and get lost instead. “

That’s just what he did. He got himself really lost. He thought someone would come looking for him but nobody did.  He kept complaining to himself about the people he had to live with and the food he had to eat. Then he started to complain to himself about being lost, and tired, and hungry and thirsty. 

When it started to get dark and he found himself in the middle of a Forest, he really started to whinge and whine. He was also rather afraid.

Round about then he saw a light coming towards him.

“ Get up, Toby the Growler, and follow me!”

Toby was about to complain about being called a Growler but he thought better of it. He didn’t know any other way to get out of the Forest so he took a closer look at the Light. It was being held by a tiny little Man. Impchkin Ian was his name. He was crooked and he had a crooked walking stick and his bottom lip stuck out.

“ Get up, Toby the Growler, and follow me!

I will show you some Beings who really do have something to complain about but they don’t whinge like you.”


bookofwonder00duns_0019 countrydwarfs01chaigoog_0241

Zretazoola found a head. The head was still alive and talking. Zretazoola really didn’t know what to do with a Head. Now, that’s a REAL problem.

The Goat, the Chicken and the Parrot have found a Fallen Idol. That’s the little fella lying on the Ground. They have tried to stand the Fallen Idol up but it just won’t stay up. That’s a real problem.

diaryofgoosegirl00wiggrich_0051 fairytales00labo_0015

Lavinia and Louisa have a little Cottage in the Village. Everything looks pretty good at their place until you meet Albertina. Albertina is their sister. Unfortunately, she is becoming more and more like a cat as she grows older. She was warned when she was little to stop being so Catty ( so mean and nasty to other people) but she would not stop. Now the only thing that’s really left of the old Albertina is her voice. Problem is – she still hasn’t learned her lesson. She is still Catty to people. Her sisters try to keep out of her way because she says such mean things to them and leaves fur all over the furniture. She is a big Problem for her sisters.

Any REAL Cat would be ashamed to speak or behave the way Albertina does.

Charmaine truly has a problem. She’s not complaining about it but that could be because she is unconscious. Charmaine is the daughter of a Witch. Charmaine is supposed to be a witch, herself but she HATES witchery. She’s afraid of flying broomsticks and she doesn’t know one single magic spell.

Her mother, Charmaginia, STILL wants Charmaine to be a witch and she will not stop trying to teach her how to be one. Charmaine hates being tied to her mother’s broomstick. She almost always passes out. 

When two people want two very different things, then you really have problems.

fairytales00labo_0185 fairytales00labo2_0031

The MerryMen have a new neighbour.  Take a look at that for a neighbour when you’re feeling sorry for yourself.

The Neighbour is huge and he has a good heart. He is what we call”Helpful”. The problem is that his help always goes wrong. He treads on people without meaning to. And not just on their toes. He gives people a lift – but not to where they want to go.

Impchkin Ian showed Toby some Beings with Problems. Then he took him to his treehouse in the Impchkin Forest and made him a bed and something to eat.

“No growling tonight, Toby! You have lessons to learn tomorrow.”






Saffron loves Triflora. She has plenty of people to play with and some of them have red hair like hers.

As you know, Saffron likes wandering about the Village.

Most days, she takes herself off for a walk and on most days – she has a very good time.

At the moment, she is just a little bit lonesome because the 3 Girls are away in Unkya Guarding the Doorway  and they are 3 of her very best friends.

Yesterday, she tried making a seesaw with Sylvester. They had fun but once was enough.

Today, Poppy has her eyes on Saffron because she heard Saffron say to herself ;

“I have got an idea.”

auntfriendlysgif00bake_0062Nobody in Triflora relaxed when Saffron had ideas and Poppy, who is a very good detective has  decided to follow her today. Poppy is the best cross country runner in Triflora and she can last longer than anyone else when she is following a clue. Poppy has a whole network of Beings who pass messages onto her and tell her what’s happening so I don’t think we need to worry about the Cheery Redhead today.

Let’s see what she is up to.





She was heard to say :



Saffron stopped a moment and chattered with the little birds. 

Signed, Poppy.


This is a sad thing to see. It looks as though Cock Robin is dead. He is just lying there. Jenny Wren tells me that she can look after him and she already has a match lit to warm him up.

The Dove is there as well and the Dove will keep things calm.

I asked the Linnet about what had happened and she said she thinks it was the shock of falling in love with Jenny Wren that knocked Cock Robin flat on his back.

They said to me; “ Keep going, Poppy. We can handle this. It’s a matter for the Birds ! Saffron left a little while ago and she says she has an idea. You can’t let her go wandering around Triflora with an Idea. “

Jenny Wren changed into her human form to mix up the herbs and flowers into medicine for Cock Robin. If he sees her like that he will probably have another attack.

Signed, Poppy.



The wedding of Charoline and  and Matteus  was being held in the Tinykin Church down on the river. It looked like a place Saffron might like.

I searched everywhere and asked everyone but nobody had seen her.  She must have got away from me while I was talking to the Birds.

I shall look around for signs of her.

signed, Poppy.


I heard a miaow from the  Ferryman’s House near the jetty on the River. 

The Ferry Cat told me that Saffron had taken one of the boats and headed over to Cat and Fiddle Island. 

Last time we tried to row across to the Islands, we got into great difficulties.

Signed. Poppy.


Here is the Report from that trip: 

Poppy and Saffron sneaked down to the Creek with Eric the dog and Mad Flynn. (There are quite a few Mad people on Triflora. Sometimes, Poppy was called Mad Eline and Saffron was called Mad Lola. )

They took a boat and started to row across to get a closer look at the stone wall on the Mad Island.


The tiny little creek seemed to turn into a wild river. Waves splashed over them and the boat splashed and bounced.

It is not easy to get near a Wizard’s Tower unless you  have been invited. They only just made it back to shore safely.


The Ferry Cat told me that Saffron had talked Ferry Rose into going with her. Ferry Rose is about the same size as Saffron but she has white hair and has spent almost all her life around boats and ships and ferries.

The Ferry Cat said they took off very quickly but she doesn’t think the little girls will be able to row as far as Cat and Fiddle Island.

Now. This is VERY worrying.

I really need to contact my father Mad O’Brian on Mad Island. Saffron loves her Mad Uncle and his Island is much closer to here. She just might have had the idea to go and visit him.

Signed. Poppy.









Sol and Thomas telling secrets to one another.


Triflora is not the place for keeping secrets. One person tells another person and someone overhears that person and tells someone or something else.

At Party Time, the secrets go just about EVERYWHERE.

LilliPilli’s secret about having nowhere to live was very soon not a secret at all.

The Seashellians had been talking and looking. Nerissa knew just how LilliPilli felt because a Seashellian can find it tricky to find the right home. They need water and land all at once.


The Seashellians and the Water Faeries decided that Lillipilli  needed:

  • a cottage
  • a place to play music
  • a garden
  • a tree
  • and a place where Cats were very welcome.
  • she also needed to be able to ride on boats
  • and she needed an art gallery

Mad O’Brian is having a Tower built on Mad Island, just across the creek from Poppy’s Place. Just to the North of  Mad Island is another island where noone at all lives. It’s a beautiful island with flowering herbs growing free and just a short boat ride back to Poppy’s Place and the Village. The Seashellians and the Water Faeries have sent out calls to all the Party People. They have an IDEA. 

Let’s see if we can make a home for Lillipilli in one day and one night !


When you do the Right Thing for no reason at all – a Good Reason usually shows up!


The message has gone out to every corner of the Party.

They are going to build a cottage on the Island. It will be Lillipilli’s Cottage FOREVER.

They are going to build the cottage right beside the Closeby Tree that grows in the middle of the island.

They are going to build streets ready for Lillipill’s friends who need homes of their very own.

They are going to create a garden.

They are going to give Lilli a boat of her very own.


And they will make a sign saying


All Cats are welcome here.



Don’t forget there is plenty of Magic just flying about in Triflora. Plenty of Magic and a very great deal of Love. If every single person at the Party does just ONE thing, then Cat and Fiddle Island will be ready before the Party ends.

LilliPilli is going to get one major surprise when she follows the lead to the Place on Lavender Street with the Lady who Sings. Lilli does not know that its part of the Surprise.

Now, let’s see what we can do !


Umberto has promised to get a new toothbrush for Lavender Cottage. Even if it takes him all night, he is going to find a Lilli sized toothbrush.  The Brownies do know where most things are to be found but sometimes they have rather strange ideas about what people will like.

The toothbrush seems to be a strange thing to go looking for, before the Cottage is even started – but Umberto is one strange Brownie.



The Brownies are the first to get busy. They scatter all over Triflora, looking for this and that. For all the little things that the Island might need.

They don’t even wait for the ferryboat to take them across the Creek. They leap off the Jetty and swim straight over.

They have seeds for plants and nail for the carpenters.

Almost anything that is truly tiny comes from the Brownies.


The Brownies are one thing. The Ravens are quite another.

They don’t rush anywhere.

They don’t help out at all

They simply sit on a branch, looking down and saying;

It will never work. Never. Never.


Well, that’s what the Ravens were saying. They didn’t say much once the 3rd Wizard had arrived. Noone said anything at all. The 3rd Wizard is ENORMOUSLY powerful. The Ravens just sat on their branch and kept their beaks well and truly shut.  Noone at all expected the 3rd Wizard to come. He didn’t come down from his Tower very often at all.


The 3rd Wizard looked around the Island. He tapped his wand 3 times on the ground and said :

This island, known as the Cat and Fiddle, is under my protection. There will be homes here for any homeless beings, any lonely people, any sad ones. It is to be an Island of happiness and gentleness and laughter and beauty. That is the way it will be !

The 3rd Wizard was gone in a whoosh and a flash but everyone knew that the Island was under his protection and that is the way it will be!




The Cats decided there and then to find out what was wrong at Lillipilli’s house.

Cats are very good at finding things out.

Cats are very good at being quiet and they are very good at sneaking into places.

Cats are pretty fast, too, when they’re in the mood. They were in the mood to be fast on the 5th day of the Party because they did NOT want LilliPilli going back to sit on the floor without even her Fiddle.


They sent Blue Tail and Smoothie straight to the Faraway Tree Cottage to FIND THINGS OUT.

This is what they found out !


The Lady who lived in the Cottage had gone quite mad. She didn’t look mad when Lillipilli first went there to live – but now – she looked as crazy as Irene.  Smoothie and Blue Tail watched her through the window and then hurried back to the Tower to talk it over with the other Cats.


Well ! We cannot let LilliPilli live with a woman as mad as that one !  No Way !

Lillipilli MUST have beautiful things all around her and only live with people who love her to pieces.

Lillipilli MUST be able to play her music whenever she wants and she needs a room where all her Musical Friends can come and sing and play with her.

Lillipilli simply must have her own furniture. Its just the right size for her.

The Cats talked on and on. They were getting ideas now and you all know what a Cat with an idea is like.  The Cats decided that they needed to talk to Nana. None of them wanted to do that because they knew what Nana thought of Cats and they were just a little bit afraid. Making Lillipilli happy was more important than being afraid so the Cats went up to the top of the Tower to speak to Nana and her Friends. They were VERY careful not to rub against her legs. That would really have annoyed her.

As soon as Nana heard about the Mad Woman and Lilli Pilli, she knew just what to do.

Leave the Mad Woman where she is for now.  said Nana.  We, Witches, will look after her.

I shall call in the Sea Shellians and the Water Faeries and leave it up to them.



LilliPilli was very touched that someone so wonderful understood the cats and her story….she started crying and then the tears turned to laughter and a big smile to know that someone cares so much….and she knows that she will be allright…she will eventually have a new house with her cats and her fiddle playing and all around her beautiful things ..and even her furniture ! The cats are spreading ideas here there and everywhere…and she even has a lead up to a new place to search already …and it’s in a beautiful street called ‘Lavender’ back where she used to live with all her friends….and the lady of the house is a singer of songs!!…only a couple of days to wait until the cats take her there….



Day 5 is almost over. Most things are cleaned up and Poppy’s Place is ready for the next year. Gardens are planted and people are hugging and kissing and crying and getting ready to go Home.

All day long, the Children in Nana’s Tower have been making more than enough music to keep Trouble away.

It has been a wonderful party. Saffron and the Flower Children have planted 100s of flowers on the roof of the Tower to surprise Nana.

Soon they will be going back to their own Gardens. Saffron wants to cry when she says goodbye to them all.


Penelope has asked Quinius to come and live with her. Quinius doesn’t much like the idea of living in a Castle.

He’s all dressed up for the Party but he will be very glad to get home and take off all his clothing and run around in the Jungle like he usually does.

Penelope does NOT want to run around all niggedy in the Jungle – not at all.  She likes living in her Castle.

They argue about this at EVERY party.

canadianwonder00macmrich_0105 (1)

Robertino  would LOVE to live in a Castle. Everyone is wondering how to get him to come home because he just sits there – waiting to be asked to come and live in the Castle with Penelope.

Robertino likes to be dressed in fancy clothes ALL THE TIME.

Robertino likes to have lots of servants to do all the work.

Penelope is NEVER going to ask Robertino to come and live in the Castle.

Poppy just says You are NOT leaving Robertino at MY Place !


Many different things happen at parties and this is a particularly BIG party. That means that MANY, MANY, MANY different things happen.

Parties are not all dancing and singing and eating.

Things get talked about at the Party for No Reason at All.

People fall in love and out of love at the Party.

People make new friends and learn new things.

There is more to a Party than you might think.

A lot of NEWS gets passed on at Parties.

As you know, the Cats have spent Day 5 in Nana’s Tower. They have purred and chatted and passed on News. No Cat expected the News that Red Stripe had to tell them. It was about Lilli Pilli.

cat on moonLilliPilli –Daisy Dojigger has been fiddling on her fiddle all Party Long. Its because of Lilli Pilli that the Flower Children’s colours were so very beautiful.

Not once did LilliPilli say one sad thing or one angry thing. She smiled and laughed and everyone she met felt like they had been sprinkled with the perfume of the flowers.


LilliPilli did NOT tell anyone that she had nowhere to go Home to when the Party was over.


But Red Stripe had gone looking for her before the Party. Red Stripe was going to walk to the Party with LilliPilli because the Cats LOVE her and she loves them.  Red Stripe looked near the Faraway Tree where LilliPilli lived and he did NOT  like what he saw. It was a pretty good Cottage and it was near the Faraway Tree but LilliPilli did not open the door when Red Stripe miaowed. LilliPilli did not come to the window when Red Stripe jumped up and called out for her.


Red Stripe found her in a little room at the bottom of the Cottage. She didn’t even have one piece of her furniture in the Room. He had never seen Lilli Pilli look so sad. Her violin was not there. Her hats were not there. There were NO pictures on the Wall. She did not even have a chair to sit on.  What is going on ?


Well – let me tell you one thing. The Cats will find out what’s happening and they will do something about it !