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Three of the Critters who didn’t come to the Party for No Reason At All are the 3 Ice Bears. The Ice Bears are happiest at home in the Frozen places. They lie around on the Ice and swim deep in the icy waters. The Ice Bears don’t really think they need help from anyone but this time – THEY DO.

They can hardly sit up. Their tongues are swelling up in their mouths. They are so hot that even the ice is not cooling them down.  This time they DO need help. 


It was fortunate for the 3 Ice Bears that the White Peacock had been watching them for quite a while.  He had been sent by the Ice Girls because they had not heard ANY music from the Bears for days and days.

Now you all know that TROUBLE is just waiting for the Music to stop. Trouble is down underneath Triflora in a very horrible cave.

Just waiting. Just listening. Just planning .

Trouble is always looking for a way to come up top again and she can get up to some rather nasty tricks to do that.

One day the little grey fishes of the Ice brought a message down to Trouble. The Ice Bears were not singing. They were not practising their music at all. The Ice Bears have NEVER really been keen on Music. They only did it because they had been told about Trouble. It doesn’t work very well when you don’t LIKE Music and the Bears worked out an idea between the 3 of them.

It wasn’t a very good idea. It was the kind of idea people think up when they don’t want to do something. It was one of those ideas when you want to stop doing what :THEY” have told you to.

This was their idea  “ We will not do Music anymore. They told us to! But we don’t have to. Trouble is not going to come and bother us because we are big and strong and have very ferocious faces and huge claws. So we will not sing anymore and we will not play any instruments and we will be fine. We will not bother Trouble and Trouble will not bother us.”

The White Peacock heard them talking about their idea. Oh no! This is going to mean Trouble.”

Sure enough, Trouble was just under the Bears’ IceBerg and she had a fire blazing down there.  The Ice Bears were so hot they couldn’t move. Trouble sprinkled three poisons onto her fire and the poisonous smoke sneaked up through the cracks and into the eyes and noses and mouths of the Ice Bears.

White Peacock sent Madriel Peacock straight to the Ice Castle to tell them about the Bears’ IDEA.  The Girls were pretty angry but not surprised. They got the Boats ready and set out for the Bears’ Iceberg.


Now the White Peacock is no singer. If you have ever heard a peacock, you will know what I mean.  But he KNEW that Music was the only thing that would send Trouble away from fire and back down into the Nether Regions where she dwelt.

“Well, I only have to make music until the ice girls get here. I can do that! I hope I can do that!”

White Peacock had no instrument with him and so he had to SING. The more he sang, the hotter it got and the more poisonous the smoke became. White Peacock made the sort of noise that Trouble just loves.

Oh no! The Ice girls will never get here in time. The more I sing the closer Trouble is coming.”



The Dog with the Silver Voice.

Imagine how pleased he was when 2 paws and a little nose poked up over the edge of the Berg and a small mouth opened with the most beautiful song a small could sing. After justa few words and that silvery voice, the water began to cool, the ice froze hard again, the bears began to breathe easily and could almost sit up. Trouble is SO allergic to beautiful music that she had shrivelled and wiggled and slid back into her Cave.

The Ice Girls will be giving those 3 Ice Bears some music lessons as soon as they arrive.

The Ice Girls will also be giving White Peacock an instrument so that he doesn’t invite Trouble in again with that truly terrible voice of his.

And the Ice Girls will be giving the little dog anything that he wants. Well done, Little Dog! You have saved the bears and you have saved the Ice Lands.

The Wandering Minstrel Dog and Marsha May McNeil travel all over Triflora, singing and playing. They say they will stay a little while on the Ice Berg until the Bears are really well again.





NAME:063  Jenny Wren (also known as Jennifer Jane Whoops)
SPECIAL POWERS:  Is especially good at healing ouchies by touch. Can talk to dogs and birdies.
BEST QUALITY:  Laughs a lot and loves to dance.
WORST HABIT:  Is very clumsy… and has to sleep after healing ouchies
WHERE YOU LIVE:  In a cave by the river, where the light reflects off the magic waters and everything sparkles in silver
JOB IN TRIFLORA:  I haven’t quite come up with this yet. Let me know if you have any ideas.  Well, I think Jenny will be our Healer.

birdy991Triflora might not be quite like the World Up Top. In fact, it is nothing like the World up Top. Except that some people are just the same when  it comes to being stubborn. Nana has spoke to Jenny Wren 1000 times or more about her Thongs.

It wouldn’t matter at all if only Jenny was not SO clumsy. Nana tells her :  Jenny. Fairies can go barefoot. Fairies can wear wonderful shoes that fit perfectly. But Fairies CANNOT wear thongs.

Its very hard to get angry with Jenny. ( Her real name is JENNIFER JANE WHOOPS) Its very hard to get angry with her because she is simply SOOOOOO kind. She can fix anything that hurts – all the ouchies.  Birds and Dogs love her. All the little people love her and the sick creatures come to her cave because they KNOW she will look after them.


She doesn’t have normal fairy wings. She changes into whatever bird she needs to be – anytime she wants.

I shall tell you a secret and you must not tell anyone at all except for your 2 best friends. One time, not very long ago, Jenny heard that a special Auntie was very very ill. All her hair was falling out. and Jenny said straight away:  I shall cut off all my hair and make it into a magic wig and then she will look beautiful and her head will not hurt her anymore.

That is just one of the good things I could tell you about Jennifer.

In fact, just about the only bad things about her are THE THONGS.

And – the THONGS would not matter at all if only she weren’t so CLUMSY.

That’s where Nana comes into it :  Jennifer Wren. You fly like a bird. You can heal Ouchies with the touch of your fingertips – BUT  do NOT keep trying to walk and dance in THOSE THONGS. 

Just about then, Jennifer Jane takes herself off to bed and goes soundly to sleep. Goodnight, Jenny Wren.