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  1. Bring PEACE

  2. Do something OUTRAGEOUS.

  3. Do something very SENSIBLE.

  4. Do something AWESOME.

  5. Do something REMARKABLE

  6. Be very OBSERVANT and notice something other Beings haven’t noticed.

  7. Fill a NEED.

  8. Do something AMAZING.


The 3rd thing the Posaronas do is SOMETHING VERY SENSIBLE.  They had a very SENSIBLE thing that they all wanted to do. They decided to visit each of the Doorways. It was  a very sensible thing to do because the Doorways are so important. They keep people out and they let people in. The Guardians at the Doorways protect Triflora from many things. The Posaronas wanted to thank them all and see if there was anything they wanted or any problems they were having.

The Posaronas wanted to check and make sure that everything was working just perfectly. They had repair magic in their Posarona bags – just in case there was anything wrong. And they had brought small gifts for all the Guardians.

It was a very sensible thing to do and they all had a  grand time. All the Doorways were working perfectly. All the Guardians were well and happy. Even the Unkya Doorway was in order. Nana and her 3 Girls spent a very happy and sensible night with the 3 Girls of the Unkya Doorway. Being SENSIBLE can be a most pleasant way to be.

aesopsfables00aeso_0111 The word of Posarona has reached the ears of the Farmyard animals.

Terence Toad had told his cousin Willoughby about the encounter on the Log Bridge and Willoughby was telling the Farmyard animals. Little do they know that the next Posarona is AWESOME.

The farmyard Critters are so excited that they are babbling and cackling and whistling. They LOVE Posarona Time. They just hope and wish that the next visit is to the Farmyard.

Well – they just might get their wish and it just might be AWESOME!!!!!!!


It didn’t look Awesome to begin with. It just looked like a little old lady with a jug. The farmyard animals thought it was an ordinary old lady. They were very kind to her because she looked very old and very poor and very tired.

Not one of them guessed that it was Nana.

Not one of them guessed that the Posaronas had come to visit because they LOVED the Farmyard Animals.

Nana said to them ( in a little Old Lady’s Voice) ;

Can I please sit here for a little while? I am SO tired.

They quickly gave her a seat on their bench and made sure she was comfortable. She put the jug down on  the bench beside her and then she smiled.


Well – the liquid in the jug began to bubble and bounce. It bubbled right up and out the top of the jug. It was BLUE – that strange Trifloran Blue that smells of magic and mystery.

The blue liquid flowed out like a river and the animals hopped onto the bench with Nana.

They thought they could hear Music. They thought they could see three ships. They thought they could see three people.

But HOW could three women and three ships come out of a tiny jug of blue liquid ?


It was Rose, Poppy and Saffron. Poppy really can play the Fiddle and Saffron can sing in a language that ALL the animals understand. Rose can dance even on a ship sailing along the Blue Liquid. They had written a song for the Farmyard ! And their NOW YOU SEE ME NOW YOU DON’T CLOAKS had shrunken them to fit inside Nana’s jug. As soon as they threw the Cloaks off, the water let loose and the girls began to grow bigger and bigger. They had as much magic as they needed to make it an awesome day for the Animals.