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Brownies do love Village Life. They like being busy and they like having things to do. John Joseph is probably the smartest dresser of all the Brownies. He even adds colour sometimes. Not many Brownies do that. They all wear BROWN.

But John Joseph adds “touches of colour”. That’s what he calls his blue hat and his silver bells and his bright red shoes.

He is VERY fussy about keeping House. He lives with the Oddling Dreamer. The Dreamer does a lot of sitting and thinking and dreaming and he doesn’t have to worry about the House because John Joseph keeps it clean and neat and even adds a vase of flowers every single morning.


Gardens grow all round the Village. Plants of all kinds.

Do be very careful when you come to visit.

Some plants are actually Homes for Fairies and Flower Children and other Beings.

Just the other day, Katriona heard a tiny wee noise in a vine the grows on her cottage wall and when she looked under the leaves, she saw a Butterfly Fairy just sitting there and singing.



In the middle of the Village is a well. A well is a deep hole in the ground and it goes down to water. You can put a bucket on a rope and lower it all the way down, fill it up and bring it back to the top. Wells are a bit old fashioned these days but Triflora has a few.  Nerissa lives at the bottom of a Well. 

The Well in the middle of the Village can take you down to Nerissa’s house – if you are a Seashellian or another kind of Mer Person.

The Well in the Middle of the Village has the sweetest and best water in all of Triflora.

The Well in the Middle of the Village has the best and sweetest Well Keeper in all of Triflora.  Her name is Muriel. She wears pretty clothes in bright colours and her hair is so long that it touches her feet. Muriel likes to send the bucket deep into the Well and bring back a fresh drink of Water for People and Beings. Muriel gives people a drink from her silver jug and they ALWAYS feel better.

Muriel made herself a promise years ago. She promised herself that she would ask NO questions of the people who came to the Well. The Drinkers usually had a secret of some kind but Muriel would not ask them to tell her anything. So, she just smiles and gives them a drink and listens if they want to talk.  She doesn’t tell other people’s secrets to anyone at all.

Muriel is VERY wise and People and Beings trust her without even knowing why.


The Cats are very happy with their own Island. They come and go whenever they want and no Cat has to live in a mess anymore. Cats do not like Mess. They like things to be IMMACULATE. They are even fussier than John Joseph, the Brownie with a touch of colour. If anyone tries to make a cat sleep outside or in a messy place, the Cat just says Goodbye and Miaow and takes the Ferry across to Cat and Fiddle Island. There is ALWAYS a place for a Cat on the Island.


At the edge of the Village are some of the Farms. Triflora water is good stuff and so is Triflora’s milk. Milking cows is another thing that Brownie John Joseph does REALLY well. It seems to be second nature to them.

Show a John Joseph a cow and before you know it, he has a milking stool out, a milking apron on and he is filling a cup with the milk faster than anyone else in Triflora can even imagine.

I don’t know how John Jo makes the milk taste so good. It could be the strange Brownie milking song he sings or it could be the tender way he talks to the Cows. 

John Joseph is very popular in the Village.  Everyone loves him and John Jo loves them all.