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Once upon a time there once lived a boy, his name was Charles he was 7 years old and he loved to pretend to be an animal watcher, he used to get his binoculars and his cowboy hat. Then he would crawl through the long green, bushy grass pretending he was a spy looking for cool animals, because they lived in the bush he would see lots of different animals through his binoculars. But one day after Charles had his lunch, he went back outside with his binoculars he was looking through his binoculars when suddenly he saw this thing that looked kind of like a baby elephant, he thought no way it couldn’t be a baby elephant because they are extinct where he lives the only place you would be able to find one is at the zoo and we’re too far away from a zoo for it to have escaped. So he quickly and quietly ran back to the house to tell his mum and dad but they didn’t believe him and told him he was crazy and must have been seeing things he told them to go outside and look through the binoculars but they just ignored him. But that night there was loud thumping on the veranda which interrupted everyone’s sleeping. They all creped outside very quietly, so they didn’t scare whatever was there. BUT AS THEY WALKED AROUND THE CORNER……. standing right there were three elephants they couldn’t believe it! Charles was right he really did see a baby elephant but he didn’t see the elephant’s parents they must have been hiding near him. The three elephants seemed to be friendly, but they looked quite worried and they seemed like they were trying to get them to come somewhere. So they followed the elephants to this secret little place where there were heaps of elephants everyone thought they were extinct but all of them weren’t THEY WERE RIGHT HERE! The mother led them to this little nest on the ground, and in the nest was a tiny little elephant IT WAS SO CUTE!! But it didn’t look happy at all it looked very sick and very sad, all the elephants were trying to look after her. Then Charles realised, the elephants needed them to help save the little baby elephant. So they grabbed the little baby and took it back to their house to wrap it up in blankets to keep her warm, then they quickly gave her some medicine that they really hoped would work an hour later she was finally better, the elephants were very happy . Charles promised he wouldn’t tell anyone about them. Charles and his parents helped make a better home for all the elephants. Every day after school Charles and his parents would go and see the elephants and feed the little baby elephants.