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We know that you haven’t met many of us. We are a quiet lot.  We enjoy our Farmyard and we love living in Triflora. ant


Just lately, things have been a bit difficult here. For a while, we thought we might never be happy again. Most Folk don’t want to talk about it but we think we had best tell you. As you know, Poppy’s Father, Mad O’Brian,  has been learning all the skills that a Magician needs. There isn’t much he can’t do now. He has Magic in his fingertips and even in the sparkle of his eyes.

There doesn’t seem to be a problem with that, does there ?

Trouble is that Jo, Poppy’s Mumma, liked him better before he became a Full Wizard and now she doesn’t want to live with him anymore. Poppy was very, very, very sad for a very, very, very long time.  She would NOT run the Store and she would NOT smile.


All of Triflora was upset. One day, the Angry Bull got SOOOOO angry that he went hurtling around to Poppy and gave ger a good talking to.  The Black Sheep jumped up and down and Madame Cow talked and talked and talked. Black_sheep_2Black_sheep

Bored_cow_2Well, Poppy just didn’t know how many people LOVED her.  Now she is back to her own self. She is Taller and even Cleverer and even  more Wonderful than before. Bored_cow




Melanie MacDougall LOVES donkeys. Melanie has long curling hair and a smile like sun shine and the donkeys love her as much as she loves them.

They all live in the Farmyard.


The Farmyard is a happy place.he  Pig and the Duck. She sings and the grunt and quack. The Donkeys hee haw.

Just ask Stafford Stultifier.


Stafford lives next door to Basil and his family. Wee Stafford is very fond of coconuts. Staff also wants to learn to climb coconut trees but he just doesn’t seem to be very good at it.

Basil’s chooks and goat are learning to read but they cannot teach Stafford to climb trees. They have taught him to open the coconuts and the Goat is happy to headbutt the palm tree till the coconuts fall down – but none of that helps Stafford to climb the long slippery trunk.


Melanie MacDougall lives with her three Aunts. They are OLD aunts. Friends of Nana’s. Melanie brings wool home to them each night. Wool from the goats and the sheep and the alpacas.

After dinner, the three old Aunts weave the wool into  warm cloth. They spin and they weave and they cackle and they chuckle.

The Old Aunts are pretty old-fashioned and they make Melanie wear the silliest clothes to bed.

Every night, Melanie  hopes that none of her friends come to visit because she does NOT want any of them to see her in her weird pyjamas.

Melanie likes to go to bed VERY EARLY.



  1. Bring PEACE

  2. Do something OUTRAGEOUS.

  3. Do something very SENSIBLE.

  4. Do something AWESOME.

  5. Do something REMARKABLE

  6. Be very OBSERVANT and notice something other Beings haven’t noticed.

  7. Fill a NEED.

  8. Do something AMAZING.



While the POSARONA was visiting the Birds, the White Owl had a word with them. It seems that the Farmyard Animals wanted to learn to read but they needed a Teacher. Well- it looks like two needs can be taken care of in one go.

The Farmyard Animals needs a reading teacher.

Wee Stafford Stultifier needs a job on a Farm. he loves Farms but the other thing he loves is READING.

One of the Gatherers went off to fetch Wee Stafford and bring him to the Farmyard.

We all think its going to be a happy Yard.