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Down at the River near the Village, not far from the Ferry Wharf is a beautiful house. It is made from mud brick and sea shells and brightly coloured jewels.

There is a Mother and a Father and a Boy and a Girl living there. It is a very important house in Triflora because the Girl is the Keeper of the Chooks and Ducks and all the Poultry – even the Golden Goose. Her name is Dolly. The Boy is a Daring Adventurer and a Thinker. He is called Fella. The Mumma can do many things. She mixes medicines and she brings babies into Triflora. She loves wool and beautiful yarn and can make clothes and scarfs and most importantly – Mumma Kath makes HATS.  One day, I shall tell you more about her hats. The Dadda is the Maker and Keeper of the Lights. Lights are almost as important in a Fairy World as Music is. Their house is called the Light House.

Dadda Sincas is also a Fireman. The Firemen are very well trained and they handle a lot of the emergencies that come up. All the Firemen carry alarms that tell them when there is a Fire and if the alarm goes off – those Firemen are out of there in a moment!


Sincas has 9,238,000 ideas about Lights. He can’t make that many lights by himself.  He needs Helpers.

And he does have some very good Helpers.

BUT – some of them DRINK. They drink HUGE barrels of interesting drinks. These are the Rascally Rogues.

They think they make better lights when they drink a Barrel of Grog – but they don’t. They make weird things.

Light Makers can be very peculiar indeed.



Dolly has a kitchen of her very own. She wears an apron when she is cooking and asks her friends over for a meal.

Dolly takes care of the animals. She has 16 kinds of Chooks, 11 types of ducks and many more.

The Golden Goose lives right in the middle of Dolly’s yard. She is safe there. Noone else knows that the eggs she lays are Golden.