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Well, Hello all my Triflorians. I have  been gone for a VERY long time. Such terrible things have been happening in Triflora and I just locked myself up in my Tower and went to sleep for a VERY long time.

It does seem that when terrible things happen, some very very good things also happen. We have some new members of our Secret Society . We have Bridie who is our Bridge Maker. She can make any kind of bridge, anytime anywhere. She can make them out of anything at all – mostly she makes them from PURE magic.

And we have Isla who is a Dancing Mermaid and lives in a wonderful Shell.

Then there is Izabella , Luca and Ashleigh. I shall tell you more about them later.

We also have TWO BABIES. The littlest one is MAX. We don’t quite know what his powers are yet but we will soon. We THINK he is another Dragon Master and will be a very big help to the Rose.

And we have a sister for Saffron. Her name is CLARA MILLY. She paints rainbows. Clara makes everybody’s lives VERY VERY colourful.

I do have to tell you the sad news. Poppy and Rose’s Mum has gone to live on the farm and Mad O’Brian lives alone on his Island and in his Tower. He has had to become the Chief Wizard because one day Wizzy went off into the Forest and he never ever came back. Some People say he is dead but I have been in the Dreaming and his Spirit is in the forest talking care of the Forest Creatures.

So now Mad O’Brian does Wizzy’s work here in Triflora Village and we all miss Wizzy I have moved into a very tiny Shack beside the Triflora Lagoon of Dreams and I like it very much.

We have a lot of new friends and I will tell you all about them very soon.

My love to all of you , Nana.