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Well, Hello all my Triflorians. I have  been gone for a VERY long time. Such terrible things have been happening in Triflora and I just locked myself up in my Tower and went to sleep for a VERY long time.

It does seem that when terrible things happen, some very very good things also happen. We have some new members of our Secret Society . We have Bridie who is our Bridge Maker. She can make any kind of bridge, anytime anywhere. She can make them out of anything at all – mostly she makes them from PURE magic.

And we have Isla who is a Dancing Mermaid and lives in a wonderful Shell.

Then there is Izabella , Luca and Ashleigh. I shall tell you more about them later.

We also have TWO BABIES. The littlest one is MAX. We don’t quite know what his powers are yet but we will soon. We THINK he is another Dragon Master and will be a very big help to the Rose.

And we have a sister for Saffron. Her name is CLARA MILLY. She paints rainbows. Clara makes everybody’s lives VERY VERY colourful.

I do have to tell you the sad news. Poppy and Rose’s Mum has gone to live on the farm and Mad O’Brian lives alone on his Island and in his Tower. He has had to become the Chief Wizard because one day Wizzy went off into the Forest and he never ever came back. Some People say he is dead but I have been in the Dreaming and his Spirit is in the forest talking care of the Forest Creatures.

So now Mad O’Brian does Wizzy’s work here in Triflora Village and we all miss Wizzy I have moved into a very tiny Shack beside the Triflora Lagoon of Dreams and I like it very much.

We have a lot of new friends and I will tell you all about them very soon.

My love to all of you , Nana.




We know that you haven’t met many of us. We are a quiet lot.  We enjoy our Farmyard and we love living in Triflora. ant


Just lately, things have been a bit difficult here. For a while, we thought we might never be happy again. Most Folk don’t want to talk about it but we think we had best tell you. As you know, Poppy’s Father, Mad O’Brian,  has been learning all the skills that a Magician needs. There isn’t much he can’t do now. He has Magic in his fingertips and even in the sparkle of his eyes.

There doesn’t seem to be a problem with that, does there ?

Trouble is that Jo, Poppy’s Mumma, liked him better before he became a Full Wizard and now she doesn’t want to live with him anymore. Poppy was very, very, very sad for a very, very, very long time.  She would NOT run the Store and she would NOT smile.


All of Triflora was upset. One day, the Angry Bull got SOOOOO angry that he went hurtling around to Poppy and gave ger a good talking to.  The Black Sheep jumped up and down and Madame Cow talked and talked and talked. Black_sheep_2Black_sheep

Bored_cow_2Well, Poppy just didn’t know how many people LOVED her.  Now she is back to her own self. She is Taller and even Cleverer and even  more Wonderful than before. Bored_cow


canadianwonder00macmrich_0009 (1)

Sometimes, people have to do things that make them unhappy for a little while.

Sometimes, people have to do things that make the people they love unhappy – for a little while.

Mad O’Brian knows that Poppy is sad but he also knows  that she will be O.K.

When he comes back for her, he will be able to do MANY things. He has already been to the top of  the highest mountain in all of Triflora and is learning the secrets of the stars.


Poppy wasstill VERY lonely without her Father, Mumma Jo loved her and she loved Mumma Jo but she had been with Mad O’Brian every day of her life and had many things to tell him.

One night, she was lying on the couch and not  feeling very well. Sadness and loneliness can make people  feel unwell. 

She was lying there when she heard a lot of noise high up on the wall. It sounded like a giant cuckoo clock.  Poppy looked up. It was a Kookaburra clock. The only one she had ever seen.

And it spoke to her –very loudly.



At the same time, all her toys started to  move around and talk very loudly – just like the Kookaburra.

“Meet us  here every night at Midnight. Kookaburra will bring you all the messages from all over Triflora. Just wait till he laughs 12 times and then listen for his  news.”



Things are a bit muddled up in Triflora, as you know.  People are moving all over the place. Some people are sick and some are sad. A new baby is coming and  Mad O’Brian is on his way to becoming a REAL Magician.

Just at the moment, his magic is a little bit wobbly and rather frightening.

Saffron is never sure what he will do next and because she is a very little girl – sometimes she gets worried.


People are still worried about Poppy and  they are doing everything that they can think of to make her smile.

Red Riding Hood AND the Wolf have made friends with one another. Wolf is going to follow Mad O’Brian and help him out and Red Riding Hood is heading down to Poppy’s Place to help her run the Shop.

“Don’t worry!”says the Wolf. “We are all watching Mad O’Brian and every night at Midnight, I will send you a message. Just listen for the Wolf Calls from the Forest. “


Even at sea, the boats and ships are watching for the Mad O’Brian. The Admiral sailed right up to Poppy this week and told  her that he had seen her father ( Mad O’Brian) at the beach with Nana and Wizzy and Saffron and Mumma Kate.

The Admiral told Poppy that the Whales were keeping watch in the seas.



Saffron heard all the news but  she did not understand why Mad O’Brian was away  on this big adventure.

She wanted him to come back.

Poppy wanted him to come back.

But Mad O’Brian had important jobs to do.  He was becoming a Wizard.

He had lessons to learn and Magic to make. He was learning how to fly across the whole of Triflora.

He was taking care of Grandpa  Trebor.

Just the same, Saffron was NOT happy.


So,  where is Mad O’Brian going and what is he doing? The Admiral is supposed to look after all the ships but he has decided to follow the newest Wizard. He has found a camel to ride. The Camel does NOT want to be ridden. Everyone is trying to make the Camel stand still and let the Admiral get on but the Camel will NOT stand still.

“ STAND STILL!  STAND STILL!  Mad O’Brian needs our help !”



Poppy’s Dadda is called Mad O’Brian. He has Wizard Magic.

Here are some of the stories about Mad O’Brian.


Let me tell you something that you might have forgotten.

Even on Triflora, things are not always happy.

Things are not all happy just now. Word is going around Triflora. Mad O’Brian is going away. Poppy is so sad that she wants to cry and cry.

Mad O’Brian is sad, too. He wants to cry and cry.

“Why is he going away ?” said Chatterer.

“ Well” said Weasel. “ Poppy’s Father is rather special and he has important  things to do. Grandpa Trebor is very sick and Mad O’Brian is going to help him.”

“What about Poppy?”

“Well” said Weasel. “ You know how brave Poppy is and how clever she is.  She will keep her shop open and take care of her detectives and every day, she will speak with her Father and soon they will be together again.”


Its times like this that EVERYONE has to help one another. Theadora Tinykins and her children are writing notes and sending them all over Triflora. This is what she has written on the notes:

Dear Tinykin Family,

Poppy is feeling very sad and Mad O”Brian is on a BIG adventure. Please keep your eyes out for them and try to make them happy again. 

Thank you very much, Theadora and Children