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Moon gold and sylvan witchery,

Beauty of earth and sky and sea;

Pearls of the wave, rubies of fire,

Love songs, lyrics, and heart’s desire.

Fairies dancing along the shore,

Thunder of surf for evermore:

Shadowland, glamour, mystery,

Moonfire flooding the dreaming sea.

Moonfire lighting the mist-veiled heights,

Moon glory, wonder, and scented nights:

Moonlit waters and amber strand.

Moon magic over all the land.


The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), Saturday 2 January 1937


While I am thinking of it, let me tell you that when its Daytime in the World Up There ( that’s where Ordinary People live) well, that’s when its Nighttime in Triflora. Rose and Poppy and Saffron were MOST surprised on their first visit to find that it was the middle of the Night in the Secret Garden.  The Princess who looks after the Moon and the Stars is called Sondok. I shall tell you more about her later. She is very wise and extremely old although she only looks to be about 21 and a half years old. 

There isn’t much she doesn’t know about the Sky and the Night.