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Well, Hello all my Triflorians. I have  been gone for a VERY long time. Such terrible things have been happening in Triflora and I just locked myself up in my Tower and went to sleep for a VERY long time.

It does seem that when terrible things happen, some very very good things also happen. We have some new members of our Secret Society . We have Bridie who is our Bridge Maker. She can make any kind of bridge, anytime anywhere. She can make them out of anything at all – mostly she makes them from PURE magic.

And we have Isla who is a Dancing Mermaid and lives in a wonderful Shell.

Then there is Izabella , Luca and Ashleigh. I shall tell you more about them later.

We also have TWO BABIES. The littlest one is MAX. We don’t quite know what his powers are yet but we will soon. We THINK he is another Dragon Master and will be a very big help to the Rose.

And we have a sister for Saffron. Her name is CLARA MILLY. She paints rainbows. Clara makes everybody’s lives VERY VERY colourful.

I do have to tell you the sad news. Poppy and Rose’s Mum has gone to live on the farm and Mad O’Brian lives alone on his Island and in his Tower. He has had to become the Chief Wizard because one day Wizzy went off into the Forest and he never ever came back. Some People say he is dead but I have been in the Dreaming and his Spirit is in the forest talking care of the Forest Creatures.

So now Mad O’Brian does Wizzy’s work here in Triflora Village and we all miss Wizzy I have moved into a very tiny Shack beside the Triflora Lagoon of Dreams and I like it very much.

We have a lot of new friends and I will tell you all about them very soon.

My love to all of you , Nana.





Its easy to do something Outrageous but the Posaronas  do Outrageous things that make people happy. That’s not so easy to do.

The Posaronas do outrageous things that are Helpful. That’s not easy either.

They headed to Cat and Fiddle Island because Nana was going to do two outrageous things at once.

1. She was going to be very nice to the Cat. She knew that would make the Girls happy.

2. She was going to let the Cat teach her to play the Fiddle. That was outrageous because Nana doesn’t play any musical instruments at all – most especially she doesn’t play instruments with strings – EVER.

( Do not tell the Girls but Nana was smiling a little to herself because someone had told her that the strings on a fiddle were made from cat gut.  )

The Girls were on Cat and fiddle Island to have cloaks made by the TINYKINS. The Cloaks are called NOW YOU SEE ME-NOW YOU DON’T.


Up in the Ice, one of the Ice Bears has gone nuts. She has decided she is Queen of the Ice Bears.  Now, EVERYONE knows that Triflora does not have Queens and Kings. 

There are Beings who think they are KIngs or Queens.

There are Beings who were Kings and Queens before they came to Triflora.

There are Beings whose family had been Kings and Queens.


Triflora is what Nana calls – A DIVINE ANARCHY.

When someone won’t or can’t give up being a King or a Queen, they are given a home in the Royal Palace where they can wander about  and do whatever they like – just so long as they don’t go around bossing  anyone around getting uppity. They can even wear their crowns if they want.

The problem with the Ice Bear who thinks she is the Queen, is that she has talked the other Ice Bears into believing her. They are not thinking straight at all. As we all know Ice Bears can behave in the most peculiar ways.  It is going to take something OUTRAGEOUS to fix this one up and the Posonaras have an Outrageous Plan.


The trick is to get Beloise off the Ice and into the Royal Palace without causing any more problems than necessary.  Nana has decided to dress as an Ice Bear and play Music to Beloise while the Girls sneak up in their NOW YOU SEE ME NOW YOU DON’T Cloaks and lead that silly Ice Bear into a Bear Trap made of Spider Silk.

Nana didn’t get the hang of the Fiddle so the Cat has given her a little harp. It sounded so OUTRAGEOUS that Beloise just froze with shock when the Music started. When Nana started to sing as well as play the Harp, Beloise didn’t need to be tricked by the Cloaked Girls into the Bear Trap. She ran straight in and passed out. The 23 Flying Spiders flew off as fast as they could all the way to the Royal Palace where the thick stone walls protected all of them from the Singing and Harp Playing.

Whoa !! That was fully OUTRAGEOUS !  said the Bear and the Spiders.

The 3 Girls took the earplugs out of their ears, looked at one another and sighed:

Whoa! That was not just Outrageous. That was  HORRIFYING!

But they did not tell Nana. They just hugged her – Bear Suit and All – and said;

Well done ! Nana. Well done!  You are NOT  a Duffer after all – no matter what Mad O’Brian says.

Meanwhile,the Cat had put down the Fiddle and was tiptoeing away. The Cat didn’t want anyone to think it was her fault that Nana played the Harp like that. She thought she might just go and play with Savage Dogs for a while. It would be better than teaching Music to a little old lady who didn’t even say thank you.

TEACHING violin is never a lot of fun for someone who plays as well as the Cat does but its not usually this OUTRAGEOUS.






Most often, when an emergency alarm goes off, its because something bad or dangerous has happened.

But when the POSARONA alarm goes off and the whisper reaches the ears of Poppy, Saffron, Rose and Nana, it does NOT mean that anything bad or dangerous has happened.

When the POSARONA whisper is sent out by Marigold, it means that its time for Poppy and Saffron and Nana and Rose to take a holiday together. Not just any holiday. A Helpful Holiday.










When Nana and the Girls set out on a PoSaRoNa, they have 8 things to do before their PoSaRoNa is over.


These are the 8 things they need to do on a POSARONA.

  1. Bring PEACE
  2. Do something OUTRAGEOUS.
  3. Do something very SENSIBLE.
  4. Do something AWESOME.
  5. Do something REMARKABLE
  6. Be very OBSERVANT and notice something other Beings haven’t noticed.
  7. Fill a NEED.
  8. Do something AMAZING.

animated-gifs-faries-28When they are on a POSARONA, they bring their Posarona WitchMoon13fBags with them. Each bag has different things in it and you can be sure there’s a good deal of magic in there. Marigold has sent the whisper out and the four of them are on Nana’s Tower rooftop and ready to fly!


The POSARONAs can change into anything they want. They can travel in lots of different ways.

But they always start by FLYING from the top of the Tower.

They always start by laughing because they LOVE getting away together – just the four of them.

They always start by singing. It’s a happy time for a helpful holiday.

They never know how long a POSARONA will take because some jobs are very quick and others are longer. Some Good Deeds are just little ones and some are VERY big.

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The first thing the POSARONAs came across was a little disturbance of the Peace. They were just flying down low over the Creek when they saw Lappy Rabbit and Terence Toad at the Log Bridge. Both were dressed in their best Coffee at Poppy’s Place Clothes and they were both heading in the same direction. They are usually very good friends so it was a surprise to hear them YELLING.

Me First!

No! ME first!

It was even more of a surprise to see them pushing and shoving.

It was actually a SHOCK to see Terence use his walking stick to hurtle Lappy into the water.

It was a bigger shock to see Terence sitting on the log and smiling while Lappy tried to swim. Rabbits are not the BEST swimmers in Triflora.

The POSARONA swooped down and set to work to bring Peace.

First of all they pulled Lappy out of the water and sat him down on the Log Bridge beside Terence. Its not easy to bring peace to a Dead Bunny.

Then the POSARONA went into action. It was TIME TO BRING PEACE.

POPPY did the Detective work. She asked question after question till she found out what had REALLY been happening.  It turned out that Lappy had been teasing Terence about living half of his life in the water. Lappy had been CROAKING at Terence. Now, Terence is not at all ashamed of being amphibious. It’s a wonderful thing to be. But he did not like being teased so he shoved Lappy into the water and then said:

You can spend the rest of your life in the water, Floppy Ears!

Very nasty indeed.

ROSE used her dancing and singing to create a peaceful atmosphere. The 2 PeaceBreakers looked rather surprised when she began dancing right there on the water and along the log but it certainly stopped their complaining. They had never seen anything like it.

SAFFRON waited till they were calm and then she climbed onto the log and sat right in the middle of the Rabbit and the Frog and had a good talk with them in Bunny Speak and Frog Croak. Soon, all three of them were holding hands and things were peaceful again.

NANA was very pleased with her girls. They were excellent PEACE BRINGERS. But just to make sure that it would be a Lasting Peace, she turned and look straight at Lappy and straight at Terence – and THEN – SHE RAISED HER LEFT EYEBROW and gave them THE LOOK.


Poppy had sent a message back to her Place as soon as she had finished asking questions. Poppy’s People are in most place in Triflora and the message passed back as quickly as a rabbit can fall into a creek. Before long a little cart came along and Lappy and Terence were given a lift all the way to the Village.

Its one thing to Bring Peace and another thing to Keep the Peace.

Cherie, the White Horse and Sweet Selina would keep an eye on these two rascals for a day or two.

The POSARONA had completed the first one of their Missions. They all smiled and hugged and clapped hands and said TEAMWORK!




It’s a strange place, the Wandering Desert. It moves about. When Nana wants a very private holiday from things, she goes to the Wandering Desert. She is very fond of CAMELS. Vanessa, the Vanishing Camel, has known Nana for 100 of years. There isn’t much left of Vanessa these days but there is still enough to give her old friend a ride into the Desert.


The only way to get into the Wandering Desert is on the back of a Camel.  People have tried to find it by themselves but they never do find it.

Most people think its someplace beyond the 3rd Island – but that is just a guess.

Wizzy thinks that the Desert is in another dimension altogether. He has never been there because he doesn’t want to ride on a flying Camel – or on a vanishing Camel.

Dadda Jai has been there once when the Desert dwellers needed some very special building done. D.J. can build almost anything.  He came home with a golden bracelet.

Sometimes Nana takes the 3 girls to the Desert and they have the best fun. The Oasis in the Middle looks just like 3rd Island and it is perfect for swimming and sunning and drinking coconut milk.


Life in the Desert is very INTERESTING. There are storytellers and musicians and plenty of dancing. Saffron and Rose and Poppy LOVE their holidays. Saffron wears the Gold Bracelet  her father brought back and they all wear clothes of wonderful colours and plenty of jewellery. They dance and dance and dance till they’re dizzy and their hair is whirling and swirling.

They eat a lot of grapes in the desert they listen VERY carefully to the stories.

Wanderers know things. They see and hear things. They can tell you things.

When a whole desert wanders, then even the sand can tell you things. 


When a whole desert wanders, then even the waters in the Oasis can tell you things. Sometimes.  people in the Wandering Desert ask a question and noone knows the answer.

Then The Storyteller goes out to the Bridge and asks the Waters for an answer. He can almost always understand what the Waters say.


One of Nana’s friends, Nana Dorise, has been wandering in the Wandering Desert for 40 years. She went there to ask the Storyteller for advice but the Camel Ride freaked her out so much that she will not get on a Camel so that she can go back home.

She won’t even go near a camel.

Nana Dorice HATES the heat and the Wandering Desert is very hot.

She has become pretty good friends with the Storyteller. He tries to tell her that she won’t get home without a Camel’s help but she thinks that if she keeps wandering, she will eventually find a way back home. 

In the Meantime, Nana Dorice roams all over the desert. She doesn’t even know that the Bactrian Camel is following her around and making sure she is safe.  The Bactrian Camel LIKES Dorice. He makes sure there is food and water I the place she goes to and that the Sand where she sleeps is soft and snug. The Bactrian Camel doesn’t let anyone else ride him.  He thinks that if he just follows Nana Dorice around taking good care of her, that one day she will like him too.

Then he will be able to help her go back home again.





After her morning on the Rooftop, Nana goes down to Poppy’s Place for lunch with her Girls. Rose and Poppy and Saffron meet her there on every ordinary day.

The Mummas and Daddas cook the lunch and a good time is had by all. Poppy’s Place is one friendly place.

Then Nana heads out for the Afternoon. Sometimes she visits her friends. Sometimes she goes swimming. Nana loves swimming and she loves Boats. Nana does NOT like shopping. That’s why she wears the same clothes almost every day. A big black skirt. A big black top. Her Hat and her Boots.

Late in the Afternoon she has a dreaming sleep and then she goes down to the Tower Dining Room for Dinner with the Beings who live in the Tower.

And at Night, well, Nana does a lot of thinking at Night. She goes up to her rooms and does her thinking.

Nana likes her ordinary days – but most days are not ORDINARY at all !







The first thing Nana does when she is awake it to go across to that window and listen carefully. She makes sure that there is some music playing someplace in Triflora so that Trouble doesn’t get a foot into the Day. Trouble is allergic to Music.

The second thing she does when she wakes up is to listen for the sound she loves. The Children. The Children live on the 2nd floor from the Top of the Tower. Right underneath Nana.

These are the Children who will always be Children. The Children who will not grow up. The 2nd Floor from the Top of the Tower is their home. They can come and go. They can fly out the windows. Its an ENORMOUS floor. The Children take care of themselves on the 2nd Floor from the Top because some of them have been alive for a very long time and know just what to do.


The 2nd Floor from the Top is a wonderful Place. Nobody on the 2nd Floor thinks that Children need to be treated like babies all the time.

The 2nd Floor Children play all over Triflora in the daytime and at night they all come home and Nana and the Spiders weave a protection all round the 2nd Floor from the Top.

Sometimes, the Children have overnight guests. The Guests are safe there in the Tower – all night long.

Just yesterday, a strange little fellow was washed up on the rocks at the back of the Tower. He had tiny wings and a pointed face. Every big person scared him and he started to tremble and shake.

Only the Children could calm him down. He wouldn’t even let Jenny Wren near him.

The Children took him home for the Night. They fed him on Honey and sweet apple cider and wrapped him in blankets of Spider Silk.  He hasn’t spoken one word but when they woke this morning, he was sitting on the windowsill and singing a strange and beautiful song that smelled of the Perfumed Sea.


The Minders live on the Ground Floor of the Tower. Nana has rather a lot of Minders but they don’t all stay in the Tower at the same time. Loony Len plays the Lute. He sits just inside the Front Door, playing his Lute or drinking soup. Loony Len does not look like a Minder. He looks like a Baddie and he talks like a Loony. He wears a pointy hat with a very long feather in it and the tightest pants in all Triflora.

Loony Len is one of the best of the Door Minders. He notices all the details of the Beings who come in the Front Door.  So – when Legless Les came a-knocking, Loony Les was watching him closely. Poor Legless Les. He had a skinny black cat with him. EVERYONE knows that Nana will NOT have Cats in the Tower except on Party Day. Les tried to trick Loony into getting drunk but Loony is not someone you can trick. There is no way he is letting Legless Les into the Tower.


Nana spends most of her morning up in her Rooms. With eyes as old and wise as hers, she can watch the Parade passing a very long way away. In the Mornings, Nana has a very hot bath and dresses in her black dress and boots. Then she sits and waits on the Rooftop for her Gatherers to bring her all the News. The Gatherers do NOT come through the Front Door. Each Gatherer has a special way of getting into the Tower.

Young Caperlee gathers the news from the Mountains.

Young Caperlee leaps so far that he plain bounces from the nearest Mountain Top straight onto Nana’s rooftop even with a baby goat over his shoulders. 


As soon as Nana sees that Baby Goat she sends them down to the 4th Floor.


Young Terrence is in charge of the 4th Floor. His ego is pretty big  and he thinks he is extremely important. He even wears a Crown. The thing is – his heart is as big as his EGO and his Brain is mighty big as well.


He knows just what to do for a little mountain Goat.





An ordinary day in Nana’s Tower.

She gets up when the Sun begins to smile across the edge of Triflora. Nana is very fond of windows and there are windows all round her bedroom.

As soon as they see the wild, white hair at the window on the Ocean Side, the Crows fly on down and wake the chooks and the chickens and especially the Rooster. Nana is a Bird Woman and she likes to hear them when she first wakes up.

She doesn’t know that they all get up and sing and chirrup and cock-a-doodle-do just for her.

“Morning, Birds.”


Nana has one cup of white tea from the Peak of the Mountains of the Lotus for breakfast.  EVERY morning.

Nana has one bagel with her tea. EVERY morning.

Except for that morning when Morton got to her bagel before anyone could stop him. That was NOT a happy start to a day.


As soon as he hears Nana moving about in her room, Wallace comes knocking. Nana is very fond of Wallace but she is definitely NOT fond of early morning visits. She likes to have time to get her head together and she can’t do that with Wallace there.

Wallace tries to get in EVERY morning and EVERY morning, Nana ignores him.

Every morning, Wallace gives up and goes off to Wizzy’s Tower where he knows he will be asked in and given a most delicious breakfast.

Wallace wonders why he still likes Nana – but he does!


The frogs and the birds have nothing to worry about. They are welcome at Nana’s anytime at all. As soon as they hear that she is up and about, they come a-visiting. 

The frogs and the birds bring all the news from the Village.

Ordinary days in Nana’s Tower are very good days. She sprinkles bird seed on the windowsills and knows just how to make a frog happy.

There is always a pond at Nana’s Tower. She knows that Frogs like to have water close at hand.



Almost every morning, Melrose and McMahon, turn up for a game of Duck Tennis. They like to stay in shape and they don’t look bad for Ducks of their Age. Nana’s Tower is the only place they can play without shoes on. The Tower has storey upon storey upon storey. Each storey has room beside room beside room. It’s the 2nd Floor that Melrose and McMahon visit. 4th room along.  The sign on the door says ;




NANA’s Tower looks pretty plain from the Outside. Just a stone tower with some windows and a little sign over the front doorway.

The sign says “ nana”.

Inside the Tower does not look plain at all. If you have won a place in Nana’s heart and you can find the doorway with the little “nana” sign AND you can get past her Minders – then you can come right inside and see what a wonderful Tower it really is.

Peter Pig is one of Casey’s Pigs.  As you know Casey is really Cassandra, the Bassi Plu of Triflora. She can see the future and the Pink Flying Pigs are her most especial helpers. Peter thinks of himself as a Spy and goes to great lengths not to be seen. Nobody wants to tell him that a pink pig with wings still looks like a Pink Pig even when they wear raincoats and try to act thin. He sneaks into the tower and straight up to the MUD WALLOW on the 3rd Floor whenever he has a message for Nana from Bassi Plu.