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It’s a strange place, the Wandering Desert. It moves about. When Nana wants a very private holiday from things, she goes to the Wandering Desert. She is very fond of CAMELS. Vanessa, the Vanishing Camel, has known Nana for 100 of years. There isn’t much left of Vanessa these days but there is still enough to give her old friend a ride into the Desert.


The only way to get into the Wandering Desert is on the back of a Camel.  People have tried to find it by themselves but they never do find it.

Most people think its someplace beyond the 3rd Island – but that is just a guess.

Wizzy thinks that the Desert is in another dimension altogether. He has never been there because he doesn’t want to ride on a flying Camel – or on a vanishing Camel.

Dadda Jai has been there once when the Desert dwellers needed some very special building done. D.J. can build almost anything.  He came home with a golden bracelet.

Sometimes Nana takes the 3 girls to the Desert and they have the best fun. The Oasis in the Middle looks just like 3rd Island and it is perfect for swimming and sunning and drinking coconut milk.


Life in the Desert is very INTERESTING. There are storytellers and musicians and plenty of dancing. Saffron and Rose and Poppy LOVE their holidays. Saffron wears the Gold Bracelet  her father brought back and they all wear clothes of wonderful colours and plenty of jewellery. They dance and dance and dance till they’re dizzy and their hair is whirling and swirling.

They eat a lot of grapes in the desert they listen VERY carefully to the stories.

Wanderers know things. They see and hear things. They can tell you things.

When a whole desert wanders, then even the sand can tell you things. 


When a whole desert wanders, then even the waters in the Oasis can tell you things. Sometimes.  people in the Wandering Desert ask a question and noone knows the answer.

Then The Storyteller goes out to the Bridge and asks the Waters for an answer. He can almost always understand what the Waters say.


One of Nana’s friends, Nana Dorise, has been wandering in the Wandering Desert for 40 years. She went there to ask the Storyteller for advice but the Camel Ride freaked her out so much that she will not get on a Camel so that she can go back home.

She won’t even go near a camel.

Nana Dorice HATES the heat and the Wandering Desert is very hot.

She has become pretty good friends with the Storyteller. He tries to tell her that she won’t get home without a Camel’s help but she thinks that if she keeps wandering, she will eventually find a way back home. 

In the Meantime, Nana Dorice roams all over the desert. She doesn’t even know that the Bactrian Camel is following her around and making sure she is safe.  The Bactrian Camel LIKES Dorice. He makes sure there is food and water I the place she goes to and that the Sand where she sleeps is soft and snug. The Bactrian Camel doesn’t let anyone else ride him.  He thinks that if he just follows Nana Dorice around taking good care of her, that one day she will like him too.

Then he will be able to help her go back home again.






One of Nana’s very best friends is the Old Woman of the Mountain. She lives on top of Stone Mountain. Nana flies up now and then for a visit and they let the Winds of Chill blow through them.

The Old Woman of Stone Mountain goes by the name of Nana Cold Rock or N.C.R. She fancies herself as a hard old woman and most people think she is but Nana and her are perfectly good friends.

They were girls together in the Long Ago.  N.C.R. doesn’t often come down from Stone Mountain. She likes it up there.

Stone Mountain was once a Volcano – so they say. They say that palm trees grew on it and waterfalls ran down the sides and noone who lived there needed clothes because it was such a warm and peaceful place.

That was way Long Ago. It’s a pretty tough mountain these days – ever since it blew its stack once too often and became EXTINCT.davygoblinorwhat00carr_0125

N.C.R. is the only person who actually lives outside and on top of the Mountain.  She loves her cabin on the summit and she does have a Lake right at her front door and the Lake is filled with bubbling hot water from the fires deep inside Stone Mountain.

Almost everyone else lives inside where its snug and warm. As Abner says;

“If the roads are wet and muddy, we remain at home and study.”

Abner lives inside Stone Mountain. He has a very cosy setup. The hot steam goes right up the centre of the mountain and warms the rooms and caves on its way up. Abner has his rooms just underneath N.C.R.’s Cabin. He has hot water from a tap and pipe in the lake and is generally very comfortable. Abner has never been seen wearing real shoes.  He wears Slippers. You can do that when life is very comfortable indeed.


Deep in Stone Mountain, live the Goblins.

Goblins can be quite pleasant.

Goblins can be downright horrible.

N.C.R does have some trouble with the Goblins.

Mad Barnie is particularly troublesome. The only good thing about Mad Barnie and Thomas his Toad, is that they don’t pretend to be pleasant. One look into their eyes and you KNOW you have Nutters in your hands. The trick part is that there are other Goblins riding on toads and they all look pretty much the same.

I wouldn’t go into Stone Mountain by myself, if I were you. Its not the easiest Mountain in Triflora.


Nana Cold Rock did have a little girl who lived in her Cabin with her. Her name was Bonny. She swam in the hot Lake and ran up and down all the tunnels and caves in Stone Mo0untain. Not one Being ever tried to hurt her or even scare her. They all loved Bonny and she loved them.

She is living down near Poppy in the Village now but she comes home each week to visit Nana Cold Rock and all the beings of the Mountain. She almost always has  a swim in the Lake as well.


Bonny was the only Little Girl who lived in Stone Mountain. One day, N.C.R. who was quite a young Mumma at the time, took her down to the Dwarves’ Caves. Bonny was STUNNED.

The Dwarves had been hammering and banging and singing while they worked for days. Bonny didn’t know what they had been doing. When she went down with N.C.R. to their caves, she found out! The Dwarves had carved an alphabet for her out of beautiful, coloured rocks. All the way from A-Z. The letters were big enough for her to play in and climb through.

When she moved they followed her When she stopped, they stopped. When she pressed one with her finger, it spoke. If she pressed the A it said – a.

Bonny didn’t have any other children as friends but she DID have 26 letters of the Alphabet and some spare ones for when she needed them. She could make words. She could write songs. The Dwarves called in the Wizards for Magic to make the letters strong enough to take any kind of a pounding but light enough for Bonny to move around. ONLY BONNY. Noone else could move them at all. The Wizards sent Mad O’Brian over to see what he could do and it turned out he could do very well.


It’s a very good thing to have Dwarves as friends.


Bonny lives in the Village with Clarice. They met in Stone Mountain a long time ago now. Bonny was way down near the Goblins’ Caves with all of her letters following behind. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y and Z. Next thing a blue cloak flashed past her and flowing blonde hair curled into the corridor.

Bonny hadn’t seen a colourful sight like that down near the Goblins before and she took off after it. All the letters zoomed along behind her.

It didn’t take long to catch up to the patch of Blue. Inside it was another little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and a white night dress on.


And that’s how Clarice and Bonny met. Running through Stone Mountain with 26 Letters following close behind. They have the Library in the Village now but back then it was just two little girls. Clarice had woken up in the middle of the night and seen Mad Barnie and Thomas the Toad at her window. Instead of going back to sleep or telling someone about them – she had followed them. Goblins have that effect on young girls at times. Clarice wrapped her Blue Cloak around her and with no shoes on at all, she rushed after the Goblin and the Toad.

She didn’t stop to think.

She didn’t even think while she was chasing.

“Not thinking” is a good way to get into a mess and before long she was in a BIG mess. Goblins are terrible teasers and Mad Barnie kept just in front of Clarice until she was inside Stone Mountain and deep down in the Goblin Caves. She has never told anyone about what happened down there and she says that she never will tell anyone. 





Grannie waited for her molecules to rearrange. She was shimmering and shaking and her eyes were tightly closed.

This is rather odd! she said to herself. I feel very peculiar.

Gran opened one eye just a little and closed it very quickly. That did not look like Phoenix, Arizona out there.

She opened the corner of the other eye.

Whoops ! We really MUST  use that Doorway more often because I don’t seem to have any clothes on except for my hat and I am definitely NOT in Phoenix.  That’s the Grand Canyon.

Round about the same time, the Sand Cutters were getting ready to go to the Airport. They were very excited that Grannie Moo was coming to visit.

One thing, their Grannie did NOT want to do was to worry them. She did not want them to think it was their fault that she wasn’t there.

Children sometimes think that its their fault when things go wrong with Adults – but it simply never is ! 

Sometimes, things have simply gone wrong and its noone’s fault at all.

And sometimes – although I don’t like to say so – sometimes, Adults get things WRONG.


The one thing she had left ( other than her hat and her shoes) was the Ceramic Container that Cassandra had given to her.

Children all over Triflora called Cassandra, BASSI PLU. She could see what was going to happen in the future AND  SHE HAD SPECIAL POWERS: the ability to see the future & communicate with non-human beings.
BEST QUALITY: Extra special hugs.

( The Hugs could be felt even when Bassi Plu was nowhere to be seen.)

Brynn and Calen were being hugged right then and there and they didn’t even know it. They just felt safe and happy.

Bassi Plu knew all along that the Doorway was not working properly. It had been closed for far too long.  She didn’t quite know what was going to happen when Grannie went through but she did know that it could be rather strange. That’s why she made the Container and filled it with special Bassi Plu magic.

Grannie looked down at the Ceramic Container.

She looked down at the Grand Canyon.

She looked at her skin where her clothes should have been and decided to try ANYTHING! She ever so gently lifted the lid on the Ceramic Container with the Phoenix on top.


The Ceramic Container shimmered into all manner of Magic and completely disappeared.

The ship that the Wizards built for the Unfound Sea whizzed up through the Doorway, picked Grannie up with magnetic force and whooshed her out of the Grand Canyon and into the Park near Brynn and Calen’s Dad’s place in less time than it takes to say TRIFLORA.

The Magnets let go of her and she bounced into the Garden Bed just in time to see the Ozzie Sand Cutters heading out to the Phoenix Airport.

Bassi Plu’s Magic had woven a purple silk dress all round Grannie and filled her arms with all the Presents from the Bush that had bounced off the back of the Automobile.

And there she was, sitting in amongst the flowers in a purple silk dress and just brimming with Magic. It was quite a surprise for the Family when they turned around and saw her.

Well, I guess I will have some explaining to do!  she thought, as she smiled and waved at everyone.


Grannie Moo was smiling.
Grannie Moo was waving.

The Family wasn’t smiling.

The Family wasn’t waving.

The Family was simply staring with  mouths wide open and  eyes astonished.

You see, Bassi Plu had packed so much magic that all sorts of things had come along in the Ceramic Container. Bassi Plu had packed everything she thought Grannie and the Sand Cutters would need. And, strangely enough, the Family could SEE the Visitors from Triflora and the Family could see the Magic at Work.

fairy44This is NOT what they usually saw in the Garden near their Place and they had NEVER seen their Grandmother in the middle of it all. The Spiders had come to weave a new Doorway. Noone wanted Brynn or Calen to try to get to the Grand Canyon by themselves so it was time for a new Doorway into Triflora. The beautiful Damelza had come to live close to Brynn and take messages from Phoenix to Triflora.   AN088

Gold dust and Star dust were being sprinkled all around  and Toothy Ted had chosen himself to be Calen’s new best friend. Calen wasn’t sure about Toothy Ted – but there he was. He had a VERY Australian accent and called Calen, “MATE”. Calen didn’t really know what to do with Toothy Ted. He did know that he did not want to clean his own teeth 23 times a day!



Wilbur had come along to take care of Dadda and the Blue Lady would make sure that Mumma was protected in everything she did.

Wilbur looked like a normal Dog in the World up top – but he wasn’t at all normal. He was rather weird even in Triflora and he was certainly strange in Arizona but he would take the very best care of Dadda. The VERY BEST.

Grannie and the Kids would be able to look around Phoenix while the New Doorway was being finished and at bedtime Grannie could tell them all about Triflora.

Then, very soon, they would stand outside the new Doorway, in the garden right near their place, and all three would hold hands and whisper TRIFLORA. The Bush Folk were just waiting for that day!




People who live in or come from Arizona are referred to as Arizonans. According to A Book of Nicknames, by John Goff, published in 1892, Arizonans were sometimes referred to as “Sand Cutters” by people from outside the state, but it is not clear how this nickname for the people of Arizona came to be.


While Gert and the other Triflorians were getting their act together, Grannie Moo was preparing for her Adventure. She is going all the way to Phoenix. Before they found the Doorway in the Bush, Grannie thought she would have to fly all the way across the World up There. It would have taken her days and days. Not that she would have minded. Grannie would do ANYTHING for the Children. Anything AT ALL.

But: Boy, was she pleased when Poppy and Saffron told her about the Doorway into Arizona?

Before they found the Doorway, Grannie Moo thought that she and Brynn and Caden would have to search for DAYS to find the way into Triflora.

Now, she will just have to show them the Doorway and with a bit of whirling and swirling of their molecules, all three of them will be able to come and go whenever they want.

Grannie thinks that Brynn and Caden will be rather surprised when she is not at the Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. She doesn’t know, just yet, WHERE exactly the Doorway into Phoenix, Arizona, will open but she is very sure that there will be a surprise or two when she doesn’t get off that plane.


Grannie Moo had just about finished her packing when Cassandra arrived with a ceramic container she had made herself. On top of the container, was a Phoenix.  Grannie couldn’t quite see why she needed to carry a ceramic container to Arizona but Cassandra said that she MUST take it.

Grannie trusts Cassandra so she is taking the Container even if she has to leave everything else behind.


Triflora is so excited about the Sand Cutter Children and Grannie Moo that Ernie and Boris have come by in their automobile to take Grannie to the Bush. There are not many automobiles in Triflora and there are not many roads.

The automobile bounced and banged so much that Grannie’s suitcase fell right off the back and all she was left with was the Phoenix Container and the clothes she was wearing.

She was pretty shaken about by the time the automobile reached the Doorway into Arizona and she was most surprised to see so many People and Creatures and Beings standing by the Road and all around the Doorway.  Just to wave her off and wish her Good Luck.

Come back, soon, Grannie Moo! Bring the Children as fast as you can, Grannie! Have a good time in Arizona!


Grannie climbed down from the back seat – rather shaken up. Remember that it takes 3 people to whisper Triflora and open the Doorways. Poppy and Saffron came up to her and took her to the Exit. All 3 whispered TRIFLORA at exactly the same time and the 3 Guardians opened the Way. Molecules whirled and Molecules swirled and Grannie popped right on through into Arizona.








Nana’s friends live all over Triflora. One of her very good friends lives right in the middle of the Bush. Her name is Grannie Moo. Sometimes, Grannie Moo and Nana used to sit down and have a bit of a cry because their grandchildren lived so very far away from them. That was before the 3 girls found the doorway into Triflora. Now they can visit each other anytime they want to.

Nana knew that Grannie Moo was VERY sad because she could NOT visit Brynn and Caden just anytime  she wanted to.

Grannie tried to stay CHEERFUL. She was kind and loving to all the Bush Folk. She didn’t let them see that she was SAD. But Nana and her Friends KNEW. They got together one moonlit night and talked it over. Then they came up with a very good idea.

Grannie Moo could go all the way to Phoenix, up there in the World on Top. Then Grannie and Brynn and  Caden could search for the Arizona Doorway into Triflora.

In the Meantime, Nana would send Triflorians searching  for the Inner Doorway to Arizona. I wonder why there are no Guardians taking care of that Doorway. They MUST know that Grannie and the Kids would want to get together.

People started searching everywhere in Triflora. But they had NO luck at all. bibbub2 The Mail (Adelaide, SA  1912 - 1954), Saturday 18 October 1924,2

Poppy took Saffron by the hand and talked to her for 13 minutes.

Poppy talked to Saffron about GERT GUMNUT. Don’t forget that Poppy is a Detective. She knows how to find things out and she knows how to GUESS.

Poppy thinks that two children in Arizona would like to come to the Bush when  they visit their Grannie Moo.

Poppy thinks that the Doorway to Phoenix, Arizona, might be IN THE BUSH.

Poppy also thinks that Gert Gumnut might know something about the Doorway to Arizona and she knows that Saffron and Gert are the very best of friends. That’s why she talked with Saffron for 13 minutes. She talked until Saffron told her Gert’s Secret.

bibbub2 The Mail (Adelaide, SA  1912 - 1954), Saturday 18 October 1924, 2

Gert’s real job is Guardian of the Doorway in the Bush but noone had come through for such a long time that she had become very bored, just before the Party.

She was going to go Home as soon as the Party ended but she was so happy being a Ballerina, that she did not leave!

Poppy and Saffron followed the sound of Music to the Dance School . Sure enough, there was Gert. At first, Gert did not want to talk to them but when they told her about Grannie Moo and about how much she wanted to see Brynn and Caden, well then, Gert was first out the door. Grannie was very well loved in the Bush. Poppy and Saffy had to run to catch up with her.


O dear. O dear.  said Gert.  I did leave 2 Guardians behind but none of us thought we would be needed. Come on ! We need to get to the Bush.

Poppy and Saffron caught up to her and slowed her right down.

We cannot run all the way to the Bush. Let’s call in the Kangaroo. Grannie isn’t even ready to go to Phoenix yet and when she gets there, they will all have to search for the Doorway.  We do not have to run.

The Duck and the Kangaroo simply PANICKED when they got the message that Poppy was looking for them.

The Duck and the Kangaroo had NOT been guarding the Doorway AT ALL.  They had been flying all over Triflora having FUN.

When they first got the message that Poppy was looking for them, they wanted to HIDE or fly to a dark mountaintop. Then they realised that if they didn’t go and see Poppy, then Nana just might come and see them. Nana has been in a Very Bad Mood ever since she caught a cold. They really did not want Nana finding out that they had been having FUN instead of Guarding.

The Duck and the Kangaroo flew down to Poppy and Saffron and Gert.



Hop on !  said the Duck.

We will be back in the Bush in no time at all.

Back in the Bush, the Duck, the Kangaroo and Gert Gumnut settled back down in their homes beside the Doorway to Arizona. They had a LOT of cleaning up to do. You cannot just go away and leave things to take care of themselves in the Bush. The Snakes had made homes under the steps of the Duck’s House. Spiders had woven webs that blocked the Doorway.

It didn’t take long before the rest of the Bush Folk heard that the Guardians were back

and came along to help.

It took only a little bit longer and everything looked just perfect for Grannie Moo and her 2 Ozzie Sand Cutters.


And the GUARDIANS listened very very carefully for the whisper of the word TRIFLORA coming from Arizona.