The Horses’ Poster has gone up all over Triflora.

It is making a big difference. Nobody much had realised what was happening to the Horses. Now that they do, everyone is shocked. They don’t expect to see anything cruel in Triflora. Poppy has sent her People out to see what’s happening and sure enough, first thing they saw on the edge of the Village were these three men. Just look at them. Smoking cigars and looking bossy. 

They have whips in their hands to hit the Horses.

They have boots with hard heels to kick the Horses in the side.

Poppy’s People put an end to THAT ! 

Riding a Horse with boots and a whip is NO WAY TO TRAVEL!

Travelling around Triflora is not always easy – but that is NO excuse to take advantage of anyone else.


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Red Fox gets around very well. He moves quickly and quietly. He can even jump from rock to rock to cross a creek – but this creek is at the rapids and it looks like Red will not be able to jump far enough to cross it. He will need to find another way to go.

Red is looking for another way around the creek. He is moving very sneakily. There is no reason for him to move sneakily. Its just what Foxes seem to do.


Enrico travels on all four of his legs. He is very big indeed and can make his way through all kinds of country.

Emma Jane Lafitte is very small. She has only two legs and Enrico feels very sorry for her.

So, whenever he sees Emma Jane Lafitte trying to walk someplace, Enrico starts to smile, reaches down with his trunk and picks her up by her ponytail.

“ I do NOT want to travel in your trunk! Put me down!”


Ships and boats are used for a lot of travelling in Triflora. They are a most interesting way to travel and many of the Sailors are interesting as well.

Except for the Buccaneers. A Buccaneer is a type of pirate. They have a tendency to swashbuckle. That means that they swagger and brag and tell very long and untrue stories about their adventures.

I would rather travel on the back of a Shark than travel with a Buccaneer. They SHOW OFF.

Something will have to be done about these 3 Men with Whips.

They are making Travel in Triflora VERY unpleasant.

Dragons, of course, travel mostly by flying. Just the other day, one of Rose’s Dragon Messengers came into the Village to let Poppy know that Rose would be over for Dinner that night. Well – he got to the edge of the Village and started walking because he is very polite and doesn’t like flapping his way over the tops of People’s houses.  Guess who he met?

The same 3 Men who had been riding the Horses. They were dressed in different clothes and they were not smoking their cigars but they still had their whips. They started flicking them at Rose’s Messenger. Boy, is she going to be MAD ?



One way of travelling which you don’t always see in the World Up Top, is THE SKIRT. Triflora has enough magic breezes to lift people off the ground and carry them along with the wind beneath their skirts.

The Skirt has to be the right skirt  and the Person wearing the Skirt needs to know what he or she is doing. Then it is a very moving experience.

Old Mother Taffy dressed to travel.

She has put a scrunchie snood on her hat and is wearing lace gloves. Old Mother Taffy has her sister’s glasses on and can’t see straight at all.


Witches are experts at witchery and can travel anyway they please although they use their broomsticks most of the time because it looks better. People like to see them on Broomsticks.

When it comes to the Old Witches in the Old Witches’ Home, then travelling becomes a problem because their magic is slipping. Not only slipping but slopping about a bit as well. There are NO brooms allowed in the Home. None at all.  An old witch on a broom is not safe travelling.