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Once upon a time there once lived a boy, his name was Charles he was 7 years old and he loved to pretend to be an animal watcher, he used to get his binoculars and his cowboy hat. Then he would crawl through the long green, bushy grass pretending he was a spy looking for cool animals, because they lived in the bush he would see lots of different animals through his binoculars. But one day after Charles had his lunch, he went back outside with his binoculars he was looking through his binoculars when suddenly he saw this thing that looked kind of like a baby elephant, he thought no way it couldn’t be a baby elephant because they are extinct where he lives the only place you would be able to find one is at the zoo and we’re too far away from a zoo for it to have escaped. So he quickly and quietly ran back to the house to tell his mum and dad but they didn’t believe him and told him he was crazy and must have been seeing things he told them to go outside and look through the binoculars but they just ignored him. But that night there was loud thumping on the veranda which interrupted everyone’s sleeping. They all creped outside very quietly, so they didn’t scare whatever was there. BUT AS THEY WALKED AROUND THE CORNER……. standing right there were three elephants they couldn’t believe it! Charles was right he really did see a baby elephant but he didn’t see the elephant’s parents they must have been hiding near him. The three elephants seemed to be friendly, but they looked quite worried and they seemed like they were trying to get them to come somewhere. So they followed the elephants to this secret little place where there were heaps of elephants everyone thought they were extinct but all of them weren’t THEY WERE RIGHT HERE! The mother led them to this little nest on the ground, and in the nest was a tiny little elephant IT WAS SO CUTE!! But it didn’t look happy at all it looked very sick and very sad, all the elephants were trying to look after her. Then Charles realised, the elephants needed them to help save the little baby elephant. So they grabbed the little baby and took it back to their house to wrap it up in blankets to keep her warm, then they quickly gave her some medicine that they really hoped would work an hour later she was finally better, the elephants were very happy . Charles promised he wouldn’t tell anyone about them. Charles and his parents helped make a better home for all the elephants. Every day after school Charles and his parents would go and see the elephants and feed the little baby elephants.



Poppy’s Dadda is called Mad O’Brian. He has Wizard Magic.

Here are some of the stories about Mad O’Brian.


Let me tell you something that you might have forgotten.

Even on Triflora, things are not always happy.

Things are not all happy just now. Word is going around Triflora. Mad O’Brian is going away. Poppy is so sad that she wants to cry and cry.

Mad O’Brian is sad, too. He wants to cry and cry.

“Why is he going away ?” said Chatterer.

“ Well” said Weasel. “ Poppy’s Father is rather special and he has important  things to do. Grandpa Trebor is very sick and Mad O’Brian is going to help him.”

“What about Poppy?”

“Well” said Weasel. “ You know how brave Poppy is and how clever she is.  She will keep her shop open and take care of her detectives and every day, she will speak with her Father and soon they will be together again.”


Its times like this that EVERYONE has to help one another. Theadora Tinykins and her children are writing notes and sending them all over Triflora. This is what she has written on the notes:

Dear Tinykin Family,

Poppy is feeling very sad and Mad O”Brian is on a BIG adventure. Please keep your eyes out for them and try to make them happy again. 

Thank you very much, Theadora and Children

The three fairy friends

1 fairy Moving-picture-fairie-dancing-in-fairie-dust-animated-gifFROM POPPY.

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Once upon a time there lived three little fairies their names were Poppy, Rose and Lilly. They all lived in a big flower garden; they all were next door neighbors. They all made their houses out of sticks and flower petals.

But one day it was storming and Poppy went out with her wand to get some sticks for her fire. But a big gust of wind came and blew Poppy’s wand off the log she put it on.


So Poppy went round to Roses house and said “can you help me look for my wand” then Rose said” yes but how did you loose it.” I was outside getting sticks for my fire and a big gust of wind came and knocked it of the log I sat it on” said Poppy.

Right said Rose let’s go and tell Lilly what happened. So they went over to Lilly’s place and told her what happened Lilly said “well then what are we waiting for let’s go ask people if they have seen your wand”.

1 autobiographyofm00pain_0009When they got to Jumbo Park they saw a monkey in one of the trees so they went over and asked the monkey if he had seen a wand anywhere he said that he just saw a fairy called Kate that picked up one that flew towards the pearl beach.

So the three fairies went to pearl beach and saw Kate so they went and asked her if she had seen a wand anywhere.

Then Kate said she found a wand and gave it to her friend to give to her cousin because it is her cousin’s birthday tomorrow and she needed a new wand.

1 wandKate said to the fairies come on we need to get the wand back before tomorrow let’s ask some of my animal friends if they know where Bindie is. First they went to a butterfly’s house called Blossom but she didn’t know where Bindie was so they went to a frog’s place called Fred. He didn’t know where Bindie was either but he said to go and see if Greeny the grasshopper knew where she was.

So they went round to Greeny’s place and asked him if he new where Bindie was. Greeny said yes she just went to Jumbo Park thanks said the fairies and went to Jumbo Park.

When they got there they saw Bindie turning the sprinklers off so they went over to her and Kate said hello Bindie then Kate said you know that wand I gave you well I’m sorry but I didn’t know it was Poppy’s wand can I have it back Bindie said OK I’ll just buy a wand for my cousin.

So finally they all went home and Poppy got her wand back

1 FAIRIESjuly06 046Moving-picture-colorful-twinkling-sparkling-stars-animated-gifMoving-picture-colorful-twinkling-sparkling-stars-animated-gif[6]




Most often, when an emergency alarm goes off, its because something bad or dangerous has happened.

But when the POSARONA alarm goes off and the whisper reaches the ears of Poppy, Saffron, Rose and Nana, it does NOT mean that anything bad or dangerous has happened.

When the POSARONA whisper is sent out by Marigold, it means that its time for Poppy and Saffron and Nana and Rose to take a holiday together. Not just any holiday. A Helpful Holiday.










When Nana and the Girls set out on a PoSaRoNa, they have 8 things to do before their PoSaRoNa is over.


These are the 8 things they need to do on a POSARONA.

  1. Bring PEACE
  2. Do something OUTRAGEOUS.
  3. Do something very SENSIBLE.
  4. Do something AWESOME.
  5. Do something REMARKABLE
  6. Be very OBSERVANT and notice something other Beings haven’t noticed.
  7. Fill a NEED.
  8. Do something AMAZING.

animated-gifs-faries-28When they are on a POSARONA, they bring their Posarona WitchMoon13fBags with them. Each bag has different things in it and you can be sure there’s a good deal of magic in there. Marigold has sent the whisper out and the four of them are on Nana’s Tower rooftop and ready to fly!


The POSARONAs can change into anything they want. They can travel in lots of different ways.

But they always start by FLYING from the top of the Tower.

They always start by laughing because they LOVE getting away together – just the four of them.

They always start by singing. It’s a happy time for a helpful holiday.

They never know how long a POSARONA will take because some jobs are very quick and others are longer. Some Good Deeds are just little ones and some are VERY big.

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The first thing the POSARONAs came across was a little disturbance of the Peace. They were just flying down low over the Creek when they saw Lappy Rabbit and Terence Toad at the Log Bridge. Both were dressed in their best Coffee at Poppy’s Place Clothes and they were both heading in the same direction. They are usually very good friends so it was a surprise to hear them YELLING.

Me First!

No! ME first!

It was even more of a surprise to see them pushing and shoving.

It was actually a SHOCK to see Terence use his walking stick to hurtle Lappy into the water.

It was a bigger shock to see Terence sitting on the log and smiling while Lappy tried to swim. Rabbits are not the BEST swimmers in Triflora.

The POSARONA swooped down and set to work to bring Peace.

First of all they pulled Lappy out of the water and sat him down on the Log Bridge beside Terence. Its not easy to bring peace to a Dead Bunny.

Then the POSARONA went into action. It was TIME TO BRING PEACE.

POPPY did the Detective work. She asked question after question till she found out what had REALLY been happening.  It turned out that Lappy had been teasing Terence about living half of his life in the water. Lappy had been CROAKING at Terence. Now, Terence is not at all ashamed of being amphibious. It’s a wonderful thing to be. But he did not like being teased so he shoved Lappy into the water and then said:

You can spend the rest of your life in the water, Floppy Ears!

Very nasty indeed.

ROSE used her dancing and singing to create a peaceful atmosphere. The 2 PeaceBreakers looked rather surprised when she began dancing right there on the water and along the log but it certainly stopped their complaining. They had never seen anything like it.

SAFFRON waited till they were calm and then she climbed onto the log and sat right in the middle of the Rabbit and the Frog and had a good talk with them in Bunny Speak and Frog Croak. Soon, all three of them were holding hands and things were peaceful again.

NANA was very pleased with her girls. They were excellent PEACE BRINGERS. But just to make sure that it would be a Lasting Peace, she turned and look straight at Lappy and straight at Terence – and THEN – SHE RAISED HER LEFT EYEBROW and gave them THE LOOK.


Poppy had sent a message back to her Place as soon as she had finished asking questions. Poppy’s People are in most place in Triflora and the message passed back as quickly as a rabbit can fall into a creek. Before long a little cart came along and Lappy and Terence were given a lift all the way to the Village.

Its one thing to Bring Peace and another thing to Keep the Peace.

Cherie, the White Horse and Sweet Selina would keep an eye on these two rascals for a day or two.

The POSARONA had completed the first one of their Missions. They all smiled and hugged and clapped hands and said TEAMWORK!












The Horses’ Poster has gone up all over Triflora.

It is making a big difference. Nobody much had realised what was happening to the Horses. Now that they do, everyone is shocked. They don’t expect to see anything cruel in Triflora. Poppy has sent her People out to see what’s happening and sure enough, first thing they saw on the edge of the Village were these three men. Just look at them. Smoking cigars and looking bossy. 

They have whips in their hands to hit the Horses.

They have boots with hard heels to kick the Horses in the side.

Poppy’s People put an end to THAT ! 

Riding a Horse with boots and a whip is NO WAY TO TRAVEL!

Travelling around Triflora is not always easy – but that is NO excuse to take advantage of anyone else.


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Red Fox gets around very well. He moves quickly and quietly. He can even jump from rock to rock to cross a creek – but this creek is at the rapids and it looks like Red will not be able to jump far enough to cross it. He will need to find another way to go.

Red is looking for another way around the creek. He is moving very sneakily. There is no reason for him to move sneakily. Its just what Foxes seem to do.


Enrico travels on all four of his legs. He is very big indeed and can make his way through all kinds of country.

Emma Jane Lafitte is very small. She has only two legs and Enrico feels very sorry for her.

So, whenever he sees Emma Jane Lafitte trying to walk someplace, Enrico starts to smile, reaches down with his trunk and picks her up by her ponytail.

“ I do NOT want to travel in your trunk! Put me down!”


Ships and boats are used for a lot of travelling in Triflora. They are a most interesting way to travel and many of the Sailors are interesting as well.

Except for the Buccaneers. A Buccaneer is a type of pirate. They have a tendency to swashbuckle. That means that they swagger and brag and tell very long and untrue stories about their adventures.

I would rather travel on the back of a Shark than travel with a Buccaneer. They SHOW OFF.

Something will have to be done about these 3 Men with Whips.

They are making Travel in Triflora VERY unpleasant.

Dragons, of course, travel mostly by flying. Just the other day, one of Rose’s Dragon Messengers came into the Village to let Poppy know that Rose would be over for Dinner that night. Well – he got to the edge of the Village and started walking because he is very polite and doesn’t like flapping his way over the tops of People’s houses.  Guess who he met?

The same 3 Men who had been riding the Horses. They were dressed in different clothes and they were not smoking their cigars but they still had their whips. They started flicking them at Rose’s Messenger. Boy, is she going to be MAD ?



One way of travelling which you don’t always see in the World Up Top, is THE SKIRT. Triflora has enough magic breezes to lift people off the ground and carry them along with the wind beneath their skirts.

The Skirt has to be the right skirt  and the Person wearing the Skirt needs to know what he or she is doing. Then it is a very moving experience.

Old Mother Taffy dressed to travel.

She has put a scrunchie snood on her hat and is wearing lace gloves. Old Mother Taffy has her sister’s glasses on and can’t see straight at all.


Witches are experts at witchery and can travel anyway they please although they use their broomsticks most of the time because it looks better. People like to see them on Broomsticks.

When it comes to the Old Witches in the Old Witches’ Home, then travelling becomes a problem because their magic is slipping. Not only slipping but slopping about a bit as well. There are NO brooms allowed in the Home. None at all.  An old witch on a broom is not safe travelling.





It’s a strange place, the Wandering Desert. It moves about. When Nana wants a very private holiday from things, she goes to the Wandering Desert. She is very fond of CAMELS. Vanessa, the Vanishing Camel, has known Nana for 100 of years. There isn’t much left of Vanessa these days but there is still enough to give her old friend a ride into the Desert.


The only way to get into the Wandering Desert is on the back of a Camel.  People have tried to find it by themselves but they never do find it.

Most people think its someplace beyond the 3rd Island – but that is just a guess.

Wizzy thinks that the Desert is in another dimension altogether. He has never been there because he doesn’t want to ride on a flying Camel – or on a vanishing Camel.

Dadda Jai has been there once when the Desert dwellers needed some very special building done. D.J. can build almost anything.  He came home with a golden bracelet.

Sometimes Nana takes the 3 girls to the Desert and they have the best fun. The Oasis in the Middle looks just like 3rd Island and it is perfect for swimming and sunning and drinking coconut milk.


Life in the Desert is very INTERESTING. There are storytellers and musicians and plenty of dancing. Saffron and Rose and Poppy LOVE their holidays. Saffron wears the Gold Bracelet  her father brought back and they all wear clothes of wonderful colours and plenty of jewellery. They dance and dance and dance till they’re dizzy and their hair is whirling and swirling.

They eat a lot of grapes in the desert they listen VERY carefully to the stories.

Wanderers know things. They see and hear things. They can tell you things.

When a whole desert wanders, then even the sand can tell you things. 


When a whole desert wanders, then even the waters in the Oasis can tell you things. Sometimes.  people in the Wandering Desert ask a question and noone knows the answer.

Then The Storyteller goes out to the Bridge and asks the Waters for an answer. He can almost always understand what the Waters say.


One of Nana’s friends, Nana Dorise, has been wandering in the Wandering Desert for 40 years. She went there to ask the Storyteller for advice but the Camel Ride freaked her out so much that she will not get on a Camel so that she can go back home.

She won’t even go near a camel.

Nana Dorice HATES the heat and the Wandering Desert is very hot.

She has become pretty good friends with the Storyteller. He tries to tell her that she won’t get home without a Camel’s help but she thinks that if she keeps wandering, she will eventually find a way back home. 

In the Meantime, Nana Dorice roams all over the desert. She doesn’t even know that the Bactrian Camel is following her around and making sure she is safe.  The Bactrian Camel LIKES Dorice. He makes sure there is food and water I the place she goes to and that the Sand where she sleeps is soft and snug. The Bactrian Camel doesn’t let anyone else ride him.  He thinks that if he just follows Nana Dorice around taking good care of her, that one day she will like him too.

Then he will be able to help her go back home again.