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There was now only one Posarona left to do. Poppy and Saffron and Rose and Nana still had to do something AMAZING.

They were in no hurry because they love their time out. They love exploring and talking and just being together.

They could take as long as they wanted to choose something AMAZING to do.

The POSARONAS set off to enjoy themselves. The Girls laughed and danced and ate the fruit from the trees. They chattered with birds and swam in creeks. Nana followed along behind them.  She was WATCHING.

The first night of their Wandering, they decided to stay with one of the Larjikin families. Noone would call the Larjikins, “ Giants” but they certainly are BIG.  All four of the Posaronas  slept in one bed and still had room left over. They all had a fine dinner and sat around talking till quite late. The Three Girls went upstairs to bed and Nana stayed to have a Yaan with the older Larjikins.

Now, the Larjikins are also known as THE CASUAL OBSERVERS. They are BIG, very BIG – but like Little Old People – noone seems to notice them. The Larjikins casually walk about Triflora. They don’t bother hurrying and they just observe. They just look and see what’s going on. After the Young Ones had gone to bed, the Old Ones took time to discuss some of the Observations the Larjikins had been making.

Grandmother Larjikin thought that most things were going very well – BUT she had a couple of worries.

I  think we might be seeing THE FIRST SIGNS OF TROUBLE! “ said she.

“ Just what I was thinking. “  said Nana. “ What have you good people observed? “

Just small things that don’t seem quite right. The First Signs of Trouble. She is VERY sneaky, as you know.  Here are the things we have been observing.”

Nana thanked the Larjikins and took the notes they had made. She climbed into bed with the Three Girls and the Posaronas took a good look at the FIRST SIGNS OF TROUBLE.



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Wee Larissa, who lives with us, but is not really a Larjikin, was the first to notice something odd. She had climbed up on the Mantlepiece ( where she is NOT allowed to be) and took a look into the Mirror. SOMETHING was looking back out of the Mirror and it was looking straight at her. That was not a Good Sign.

Wee Chatterer says that some of the trees are shaking and trembling when the Birds land on the branches. That is not a good sign.

aesopsfables00aeso_0057 andrew-loomis-creative-illustration_0108

We know that Trouble has her Cave someplace deep under the Ocean of Turmoil. Brother Barnacle Rock sits at the edge of the Ocean. He is a Marine Larjikin. Brother Barnacle Rock has seen strange comings and goings of the Amphibians.  He actually asked Charlie what he was doing but Charlie shook and trembled and just said “Not much!”

Brother Barnacle Rock does NOT believe Charlie for one moment.

Petrina from the Shimmering People appeared here in Larjikin house just this morning to tell us that she had seen a few signs that  Trouble was on the Move again.

The Shimmerers were meeting strange Beings when they shimmered and the Beings were NOT friendly. 


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Even the Larjikin Children have observed some early signs of Trouble and Mama Marnie has written notes of what they have seen.

Elizabeth Ann LOVES food.  Just the other day, she found a covered plate of food on the downstairs table of Larjikin House. Elizabeth Ann will eat almost anything but this time she stopped to think first.  Then she called her father.

That food did not smell right. 

That food did not look right.

Something is going on !

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The Birds have seen men in war clothes coming into the Forests. Some of them offer seed to the Birds but the Seed does NOT look right and it does not smell right, so the Birds have not eaten any of it. Looks like Trouble to them.

Lamonta Larjikin is the most observant of our Casual Observers. She is washing every one of her dolls and all their clothes. She says she is going to hide them someplace safe until Trouble has passed.  Lamonta says she has seen one Sign Too Many. Trouble IS coming.



Now, Lamonta is a big girl. She is a true Larjikin. Lamonta is also a Redhead like Saffron and they are pretty wild and rather tough.

She is VERY angry about Trouble. Lamonta has  3 Dolls and she LOVES them. She likes to play with them in the Sun. She likes to take her Dolls to the Beach.

She does NOT like  anyone or anything who makes life hard for her 3 Dolls.

Lamonta is putting her boots on. She says she will teach Trouble not to bother her or her 3 Dolls.

There is a sign at Larjikin House. It says;


Well, Trouble was Troubling Lamonta  and anything could happen now.




Now that I know Saffron is somewhere up the Creek and now that I know that just about everybody and everything is looking for her, I need to do some Detective thinking. I think I will visit with Bobby Boy. He lives just near here. Signed, Poppy.

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Wait a minute!

Just wait a minute!

Here I am in Bobby Boy’s home Up the Creek. It’s a very pretty place BUT everything is RED and Gold and Orange. EVERYTHING.

I have only met Bobby Boy at the Party for No Reason At All. I have NEVER been to his home before. I thought he was just one of the Children but more and more Little Ones are coming outside and they ALL HAVE RED HAIR just like Saffron. 

Even the Old Hen and her Chickens have red feathers.  Signed, Poppy. 


Hi ! Its Poppy here. As soon as I saw that this was the famous Redland and these were the  Redlander Children, I KNEW Saffron would be here someplace no matter what her first Idea was. There is no way she would leave all these children who were so much like her. I have my own red wig and when I have it on, I can think just like a Redlander!

I looked around to see who might be keeping a secret and straight away I saw Mandarinea and Rougine.

babydaysnewselec00newy_0147Mandarinea and Rougine have a secret but Rougine is not very good at keeping secrets.

Mumma Blaize asks Rougine about Saffron.

Rougine says;

“ Saffron was going to visit her friends in Unkya but now that she has found Redlands, she is staying here with US ! “

Redlanders are VERY good children but they DO get Ideas and they DO find life very
in-ter-est-ing and that gets them into difficulties sometimes !

Redlanders LOVE adventure and this can get them into difficulties.

I think I am getting very close to Saffron now. We think she is a bit young for the Secrets of Redlands but it looks like she has found her own way to the Crimson Sea.

Signed. Poppy.


Saffron, the Lobster and Redland Roger  at the edge of the Crimson Sea with Sun rising.

You see – all Redlanders have Hidden Powers.  That’s why Saffron has always loved playing at the edge of the Water and why the Shell is blown when she is in Difficulty.

Redlanders are just like Ordinary Children except for their bright red hair. But when they touch the waters of the Crimson Sea at the edge of Redlands, they become Mer People.

When they touch the Land of Redland, they become children again.  Signed. Poppy.

Ah well. She is only a little girl but we can look after her ! And I have the red wig that the Redlanders gave me at the Party.

Saffron was very happy to see me and she told me about all her interesting adventures. Now that we know where Redlands is, we can come and visit anytime. Redlanders sure know how to have Fun. No wonder Mumma Kate has red hair – most of the time.

I think Saffron and I had best go home to the Village now. Its been a BIG day. Case Closed.

Signing off, Poppy. ( Chief of Detectives.)



So that was the day that Saffron met the other Redlanders. The Ferry People sent a big sailboat to take Poppy and Saf home to the Village. It really was an adventure.

Mumma Kate said that Saffron could have got into real trouble out there by herself but Saf said

That’s ridiculous! I am fine !

And indeed, she usually is JUST FINE.

Poppy says sometimes

You might be fine, Saffron, but my hair is turning grey before I even turn 9 years old!