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The Horses of Triflora have 4 legs. Some of the 2 legged Beings think they can just ride on the Horses’ Backs because of this.

I can tell you this. The Horses are not amused. 

Just because we have 4 legs and are amazingly strong and smart – well, that does not mean that any old Being can come along and use us as if we were  public transport!”


Things are much more polite over at Nerissa’s well. Nobody would even think of just jumping onto the back of a SeaHorse and going for a ride.

When people come to visit, they bring their best manners with them. 

Mac McNeil from the Highlands wears his finest clothes when he comes to Nerissa’s. He polishes his wings. He brushes his hair. And he BOWS a lot.

He does get nervous because some of the Mer People do not wear many clothes and up in the Highlands where he comes from, everyone wears plenty of clothes because its COLD.

Mac McNeil is especially polite when he sees Pechera. Pechera has settled down a lot lately and doesn’t mind doing all the important work she has to do.But she still likes the ordinary life best of all.

Mac McNeil has helped her a lot. Mac met Pechera when she was flying back from the Moon and he was flying about playing his bagpipes. Mac’s mother had told him that his playing sounded like a wolf howling at the moon. He thought that sounded rather wonderful so he took to flying about when the Moon was shining and playing his Pipes. The Highland Faeries are a wee bit unusual.

Well. On the night I was talking about, Pechera heard the noise of his ‘music’ while she was flying back from the Moon, conked out and crashed right into Mac McNeil. It gave him rather a fright but he dropped his Pipes and managed to catch her before she tumbled to the ground. Mac gently flew her down to the ground and when she woke they had  a rather interesting conversation about almost everything they could think of. It turned out that both of them had important work to do.

But it also turned out that BOTH of them actually liked the ORDINARY LIFE best of all. They visit quite often now.


And one thing they never ever do, is jump onto the back of a horse and expect to be taken wherever they want to go.

The Horses have put this Poster up all around Triflora. It shows all the Body Parts of a typical Triflorian Horse.

The Horses hope it will make them seem more real to other Beings.

This is  their new motto ;








Pechera is feeling rather sad. She knows its just the rain but she still feels rather sad.

She is not in the mood for this much rain.

Her hair feels like seaweed.

Her feet feel like flippers.

Her skin feels like scales.

Pechera gets very nervous when there is a lot of rain.

canadianwonder00macmrich_0267Pechera is a Seashellian.

Most Seashellians are very happy to be Seashellians.

Most Seashellians are very happy to be able to live on the land AND in the water.

The Seashellian life is extremely beautiful. They are the sweetest, kindest of beings.

Seashellians live in beautiful places.

The Seashellian Life is a wonderful life.

But Pechera does not think so.

She NEVER wants to go into the water.

She HATES being wet.

When the rain comes, she gets more and more miserable.  Noone seems to be able to convince her that everything is OK.  Her brother brushes her hair and ties it up for her. She has clothes made of sea silk and she only has to go into the water now and then. People think that things are really not that bad for Pechera – but she thinks they are.



When the rains come, Pechera plunges down the well to Nerissa. Pechera is indeed a Seashellian but she is also a MOON MAIDEN.

People think that she finds it hard being a Seashellian but the thing Pechera finds really hard is being a MOON MAIDEN.

She is a very beautiful girl.

She looks like someone who would enjoy adventure and being famous – but Pechera does NOT enjoy adventure and does not want to be at all famous.

She likes sleeping in the same warm bed every night. She likes eating the same thing for breakfast every morning. She likes going to Poppy’s Place every day and chatting.

Pechera actually likes HOUSEWORK. She has a favourite broom and a favourite duster. She likes to sit in the same chair every afternoon and she even likes knitting.

Pechera seems to have been meant to live a very ordinary life in Triflora.

Instead of that, she has to dive deep under the water to talk to Nerissa and then she has to whoosh all the way up to the Moon. edmunddulacspict00dulauoft_0061That is NOT her idea of FUN.

When it rains and Pechera is called into the Water and up to the Moon, Magic takes hold of her completely.

Some Beings can almost see and hear and feel her when she is in the form of a Moon Maiden. Fishermen stop now and then to listen and look – but they don’t quite see her.

Pechera is sent on VERY important missions when the rains come.

This time, she is looking for the Lady of the Pastel People. She knows that it is a good thing to be doing – but she truly does wish that someone else could be a Seashellian Moon Maiden instead of her.



Pechera’s mother disappeared on the very night that Pechera was born. It was a rainy night and her Mum was a Moon Maiden. She left the little Pechera in the arms of Lunestra and whooshed clear up to the Moon and hasn’t been seen since.

Lunestra is one of Nana’s Friends and has been old for a very long time. She did her best to prepare the Baby for the life ahead of her. She told her everything she needed to know about being a Seashellian and about being a Moon Maiden. She named her Looner Pechera, which means Fishgirl of the Moon.

Lunestra taught her all the Magic she knew. She also taught her housework and cooking and all the ORDINARY things of life. Nana Lunestra never once thought that Pechera would like the ordinary things better than the magic things – but she DOES!


There was a time when she was a teenager, when Pechera refused to leave the house at all. In the end, the Wizards lost the Plot and got really MAD. I think you can imagine what its like when the Wizards lose the plot and get REALLY mad.

Get yourself down into the water, Young Fish Maiden! This very instant. You have work to do!

The Nanas and the Wizards sat down with a cup of Hopeful Thinking Tea and shook all their heads at once. They had never had this happen before.

I do believe the Girl has a syndrome!  said Grandpa Wizard.













If you read the TRIFLORA NEWS this week, then you know about the man throwing the basket off the stone bridge.

We found out just last night that there was a baby in the basket but NOT an ordinary baby – a Seashellian baby.

All week, we thought the Man was up to something strange and if we had known that it was a baby he had thrown off the bridge – well – it would have been a very bad thing indeed. Now that Baby Jacques is living with Nerissa,we have asked him a question or two but he is still very little and can’t talk very much so we do not know the whole story yet.

We do know that he can breathe on land AND underwater just like Nerissa.

We do know that he has little gills up near his ears.

We don’t know who the man was.

We don’t know why the man threw him off the stone bridge in his basket.

One thing we DO know is that Baby Jacques laughs a lot and is a rascal. He runs and swims and plays tricks. We call him B.J. Baby Jacques.


Nerissa and B.J. have been out swimming. They found the basket at the bottom of the river and inside was a waterproof note. Here is the note that was in B.J.’s basket.


bibbub2 The Mail (Adelaide, SA  1912 - 1954), Saturday 18 October 1924, note

Now, we have three mysteries.

1. Who were B.J.’s parents ?

2.Who are Oster and Aci ?

3. Who is B.J’s sister and where is she now ?