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AS you know, some of the Triflora Children come and go but other Children live all their lives in Triflora. The SignWriters are one of those families. They NEVER speak – except to one another. They write signs! They begin writing signs when they are very, very young and that is the ONLY way they communicate with the World.

Some people ignore their signs and that can be quite hurtful.  Then again, some people cannot read and then we do have a real problem.

The Sign Writers have heard about the Children from Arizona. They had a good talk to one another and decided that perhaps the Sand Cutters might not speak any language that Triflorians understood. The Sign Writers are making themselves very worried indeed. They are going to  make as many signs as they can in as many languages as they can so that Brynn and Calen won’t feel lost. They are also going to make some signs with pictures on. Just in case. 

The Sign Writers don’t know very much about Arizona.



Sometimes, when I am tired, I sit at my front window and I watch the Passing Parade.

Sometimes, when I am tired, I sit at my front window and think about the Good Things.

I think about my Friends. I think about sitting around and chatting. Chatting is a very good thing.  I don’t even have a key to my Tower.  I don’t need one. We all keep an eye out for one another.


Tonight, I am thinking of Little Bell.

Little Bell came to Triflora a long time ago. She is one of those children who makes people laugh right aloud.

Everyone loves Little Bell. She had so many friends in the Village that even I couldn’t count them.

Then one day she decided to go far away across the Unfound Sea. Bell did not like the Cold Weather so she went to the Beaches where she can wear flowers in her hair and swim every day. We miss her very much – but we think she is very happy.


I am not the oldest woman I know – but I am pretty old. My friend, Marabella is older than me. She knits. I don’t knit. Marabella has always knitted. I don’t like Knitters much more than I like cats, but Knitters are fairly relaxing to be around.

Until I look at them. Then I get jumpy. I always think Knitters  know something that I don’t.  I always wonder what they are doing. I mean, I know they’re knitting – but WHAT are they knitting?

I tried Knitting when I was young but I didn’t take to it. Little Marian told me to go away and let them unravel the mess I had made.

So, on Saturday Nights, Marabella sits around Knitting and making cups of tea for other Knitters who come to visit. But I go to my window and look out and THINK.


Some people polish their teeth on Saturday Nights. Triflora is a place where people really like to have their teeth shine.

I don’t polish my teeth on Saturday Nights because I don’t have any teeth at all. Not many of my Friends have teeth either. Perhaps we should have polished them more when we were little.

That got me thinking about some of odd teeth, I have seen. I, myself, think that Marabella still has one tooth left – but she keeps it hidden.


On Saturday Night, when I am sitting there thinking, it gets late more quickly than I expect. As soon as the moonlight touches my window, I look out. I love to watch the Little Ones going down to the water to take the boat to the Land of Nod.

Not all Children go to the Land of Nod to sleep, but many of them do. Its not far and it is on an island filled with lullaby music and gentle people. It is the safest place in all of Triflora.
The water babies sleep in the waters around it.

You have to be VERY old or VERY young to go to the Island of Nod.


Best, I take myself to bed. Good Night, Triflora.