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The POSARONAs had a very simple plan that was also quite  Remarkable.  They had heard that some of the Birds were very angry and upset about being called “BIRD-BRAINED”. They thought it was insulting.

The Posaronas had heard that many of the Birds were ashamed to be called “ BIRD-BRAINED”.

In fact, things were getting serious amongst the Birds.

The rooster had stopped cock-a-doodle-dooing.

The Pelicans were not filling their bills with anything. 

If the Birds did anything wrong, they would just say;

We can’t help it. We are just BIRD-BRAINED. We are not very clever at all.

Poppy and Rose and Nana and Saffron had been talking quietly to the Owl, the Swallow and the Duck. They had talked to every bird they could think of and invited them to a big meeting under the Owl’s Tree. THE TREE OF WISDOM.

The OWL is known everywhere as being very, very, very WISE. If a bird-brain can be THAT wise – then a BIRD BRAIN is a good thing to be have.

It was a remarkable meeting. The Birds listened and told their own stories and by the end, they all had T-shirts that said “ BIRD-BRAINED AND PROUD OF IT. “



I can fly onto a branch. I can can cock-a-doodle-doo.
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I can fly out of sight into the sky. We can lay eggs.
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We are Beautiful. We have long legs. We can talk.
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That night, Nana and the Girls slept in the Guests’ Nests of the Tree of Wisdom. It had been a remarkable day. The Birds seemed to be proud to be Birds and the Bush was filled with Birdsong.  When the Girls and Nana had fallen asleep, Little birds fluttered up to them and covered them with the very best feathers that they could spare. Good Night, Posaronas.





Saffron loves Triflora. She has plenty of people to play with and some of them have red hair like hers.

As you know, Saffron likes wandering about the Village.

Most days, she takes herself off for a walk and on most days – she has a very good time.

At the moment, she is just a little bit lonesome because the 3 Girls are away in Unkya Guarding the Doorway  and they are 3 of her very best friends.

Yesterday, she tried making a seesaw with Sylvester. They had fun but once was enough.

Today, Poppy has her eyes on Saffron because she heard Saffron say to herself ;

“I have got an idea.”

auntfriendlysgif00bake_0062Nobody in Triflora relaxed when Saffron had ideas and Poppy, who is a very good detective has  decided to follow her today. Poppy is the best cross country runner in Triflora and she can last longer than anyone else when she is following a clue. Poppy has a whole network of Beings who pass messages onto her and tell her what’s happening so I don’t think we need to worry about the Cheery Redhead today.

Let’s see what she is up to.





She was heard to say :



Saffron stopped a moment and chattered with the little birds. 

Signed, Poppy.


This is a sad thing to see. It looks as though Cock Robin is dead. He is just lying there. Jenny Wren tells me that she can look after him and she already has a match lit to warm him up.

The Dove is there as well and the Dove will keep things calm.

I asked the Linnet about what had happened and she said she thinks it was the shock of falling in love with Jenny Wren that knocked Cock Robin flat on his back.

They said to me; “ Keep going, Poppy. We can handle this. It’s a matter for the Birds ! Saffron left a little while ago and she says she has an idea. You can’t let her go wandering around Triflora with an Idea. “

Jenny Wren changed into her human form to mix up the herbs and flowers into medicine for Cock Robin. If he sees her like that he will probably have another attack.

Signed, Poppy.



The wedding of Charoline and  and Matteus  was being held in the Tinykin Church down on the river. It looked like a place Saffron might like.

I searched everywhere and asked everyone but nobody had seen her.  She must have got away from me while I was talking to the Birds.

I shall look around for signs of her.

signed, Poppy.


I heard a miaow from the  Ferryman’s House near the jetty on the River. 

The Ferry Cat told me that Saffron had taken one of the boats and headed over to Cat and Fiddle Island. 

Last time we tried to row across to the Islands, we got into great difficulties.

Signed. Poppy.


Here is the Report from that trip: 

Poppy and Saffron sneaked down to the Creek with Eric the dog and Mad Flynn. (There are quite a few Mad people on Triflora. Sometimes, Poppy was called Mad Eline and Saffron was called Mad Lola. )

They took a boat and started to row across to get a closer look at the stone wall on the Mad Island.


The tiny little creek seemed to turn into a wild river. Waves splashed over them and the boat splashed and bounced.

It is not easy to get near a Wizard’s Tower unless you  have been invited. They only just made it back to shore safely.


The Ferry Cat told me that Saffron had talked Ferry Rose into going with her. Ferry Rose is about the same size as Saffron but she has white hair and has spent almost all her life around boats and ships and ferries.

The Ferry Cat said they took off very quickly but she doesn’t think the little girls will be able to row as far as Cat and Fiddle Island.

Now. This is VERY worrying.

I really need to contact my father Mad O’Brian on Mad Island. Saffron loves her Mad Uncle and his Island is much closer to here. She just might have had the idea to go and visit him.

Signed. Poppy.










The Party almost always ends up with something VERY good happening. The Cat and Fiddle Island is one of the best things ever.

As soon as the 3rd Wizard left, everyone got busy again to make sure it was just perfect before the Party finished. Murgatroyd did some baking. She makes delicious gingerbread. Just right for a new home.


Tasha has taken her barge across to the Island with her Friends, the Lamb and the Lion. Tasha knows that everyone can live as Friends and she has come to take a look.  Umina is already busy with the trees for the Fiddling Orchard. Tasha carries a white wand in her right hand to add a little magic to the work going on.


The Faerie of the White Flame is spreading her magic all through the air above the Island.

There’s nothing like Faerie Dust to make a place feel like Home.

The Party Place is all cleaned up. The Children are all sound asleep in Nana’s Tower and almost everyone else is spending the last night of the Party getting the Cat and Fiddle Island ready for the morning.  LilliPilli has been given the job of singing lullabies for the Children and playing Dream Music for them all night long. The Cats are on guard to make sure she doesn’t leave the Tower till first thing in the morning.


The Tinykins are dusting and sweeping and rubbing windows.

Every now and then, the Tinykins have a drink from the Drink Pipe they brought over to the Island with them.

Noone knows what kind of drink it us but it certainly does them good. 

They pay attention to all the details, the Tinykins do. All the things that are easily missed.

When Tinykins are around, things seem just a little bit shinier than usual.

Victor and Venetia of the Tinykins Family.


Many of the Beings in Triflora are tiny – but the Tinykins are the smallest of all. When they heard about Cat and Fiddle Island, they gathered together and quickly made up their minds about something very important. They all decided to come and live on the Island and make sure that things stayed shiny for all the Homeless People who were going to come and live there.

The Tinykins are dusting and sweeping and rubbing windows. The windows of their own new cottages and the windows of Lilli’s new Cottage.

Victor and Venetia gathered the faerie dust as the White Faerie and Tasha passed. Already, they have a garden with flowers and perfumes.

This is going to be a very happy place to live, Venetia ! said Victor.


Wanda and William are going to live right beside Lilli. While the Cottages are being built on Lavender Street, Wanda and William are busy making curtains and weaving baskets.

William is blind. He cannot see the things that other people see.

William is blind but he can hear 12 times better than ordinary people.

If there is one thing that William likes listening to, it is violin music. I think he will enjoy living next door to Lillipilli.


And so, the Island is already coming alive. Plants are growing and cottages are being built. The Tinykins have made their own Tinytown and are all settled in.

Jenny Wren is thinking about moving into a new Cave down near the Jetty.

And already, there is a Mystery for Poppy to solve. Jenny Wren has found one Tinykin shoe. Just down near the cabbages. At least, she THINKS it is a Tinykins Shoe ?

What do you think?


Good Night now, Everyone.

The Cottage beside the Closeby Tree is all ready for the morning.

The sky is flashing with lights and the moon is full and bright.

Just wait till Lillipilli comes looking for her room in Lavender Street!

I think some wonderful things will happen on the Island of the Cat and the Fiddle.