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Triflora is a place where people keep an eye out for one another.

Many Triflorians whisper these words;

“Try a little tenderness”.

The Fuzzy Bears have decided to teach the Moaners how to dance. The Moaners are the saddest beings in all of Triflora and the Fuzzy Bears are some of the kindest.  On the first night of each new week, they all meet at the Dancing School. The Moaners don’t seem to enjoy the dancing at all but every week, they come along and dance the whole evening through.


Bessy lives in the Kidz Kottages . Her special tenderness is for the Birds. Bessy LOVES Birds. Her best friend is Jenny Wren and they do some wonderful things for birds.

Bessy can talk to all kinds of birds. She doesn’t scare the little  ones and she is not afraid of the big ones. Bessy is tender with all Birds.


It’s much harder to be tender to Ugly Dolls. Cats do not like the Ugly Dolls AT ALL ! catbeingrecordof00repprich_0019The dolls freak them right out. If the Cats had a chance, they used to grab the Ugly Dolls and tear them into pieces. That doesn’t happen so much now.  Linda Lee is taking care of the Ugly Dolls. Linda Lee has trained the Cats to grab any Ugly Doll they find and then skedaddle as fast as they Can to her place – before the Doll can use any of its powers. You see, its not the look of the Dolls which is so Ugly. The ugliness is something inside of them. They are one of the most dangerous things in all of Triflora. Linda Lee treats them with tenderness but she makes sure they cannot escape from her Doll’s House and she doesn’t let in any visitors except for Cats. Linda Lee thinks that if the Ugly Dolls are treated with enough tenderness, they might stop trying to take over the souls and minds of Children.

Nana thinks that Trouble might be sending the Ugly Dolls into the middle of Triflora. Nana had Linda Lee’s Dolls’ House built right beside the Old Witches’ Home. Nana knows that a lot of tenderness, a little bit of catnapping, a very big fence with broken glass along the top and the mad magic of the Old Witches – just might do some good.


One of the happiest places to be in the Village is Poppy’s Place – as you know. Poppy and Saffron help out the dogs and the dogs help them out. Some days they all just sit outside and have afternoon tea.

Lots of talking goes on with the Girls and the Dogs. They understand one another PERFECTLY.

When I am walking through the Village, I stop sometimes to see what I can hear.  Almost always I hear laughter coming from Poppy’s Place and  a soft Woofing of contented dogs.