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Up on the 3rd Tower in the Perfumed Garden, the Tiny, Tiny birds are learning to fly.  Its always a bit of a worry for the grown-ups. They worry that the Tin, Tiny Birds will fly off the edge and fall to the ground. They worry about all sorts of things when their children begin to fly.

The Grownup birds yabber yabber yabber, telling the children how to do it.

The Grownup Birds chitter chitter chitter telling them things they must not do.

There is really no need to worry at all.

The Spiders have woven silken nets  all around the Tower Top and no Tiny Tony Bird has ever fallen over the edge.


Sometimes you can hear the tip tip tap tap of the baby woodpeckers being taught to peck. The Woodpeckers make their own Music. Its called Peckussion.

Trouble  really dislikes Peckussion and that’s a good thing for Triflora.  When the Peckers start into pecking, the tip tap goes right through the ground and under the ice and into the Cave of Trouble. She HATES the sound of it. She hates  the sound even more when the Tiny Peckers are learning to peck.


Down in the Garden amongst the Sheep, Amelia is digging a well. Amelia is very tiny indeed. Noone knows what kind of animal she is and sometimes her enormous eyes look sad. She says she is not lonesome but she looks lonely to me.

Amelia likes living in the 3rd Tower. She feels safe there. She has her own room and the food is just lovely. The only thing Amelia is not quite happy about is the Water.

All the water in Trifloran wells is crystal and sweet.

All the water in Trifloran wells is good for you.

But maybe not for Amelia.  She is looking for something different and only she knows what it is.  We think its something to do with her Bath because she wears her bath robe all the time, even when she is digging.

If you know what Amelia is looking for, do let us know. Perhaps we can help her.


The Tower Photographer was at 3rd Tower today. Everyone except for Amelia was dressed very smartly and hair and fur and feathers were brushed.

The tiny Beings of the 3rd Tower are very excited. They are planning to hang photographs along the corridors.

Tiny Beings are not always noticed by bigger Beings. Just wait until these photos come back. The Tiny Beings have ordered BLOWUPS and ENLARGEMENTS to give to their Friends in Triflora.

For sure, they will be noticed then.


rabbitscatscavie00lanerich_0159The Tiny Beings of the Tower are very proud of being so small but some of them have had  terrible frights out there in Triflora. Gustaf the Ghost Rabbit has almost been trodden on by 4329 people. His nerves are shattered.  He refused to go in the photo and he says he will NEVER leave the Tower again.


Fulmer Xenophon is a different matter. Fulmer doesn’t let his size stop him from trying everything. He is thinking of going across to live on Cat and Fiddle Island even though he is only as big as an ordinary Trifloran Cat’s clawnail.

Fulmer Xenophon is one courageous pussycat.








Down at the River near the Village, not far from the Ferry Wharf is a beautiful house. It is made from mud brick and sea shells and brightly coloured jewels.

There is a Mother and a Father and a Boy and a Girl living there. It is a very important house in Triflora because the Girl is the Keeper of the Chooks and Ducks and all the Poultry – even the Golden Goose. Her name is Dolly. The Boy is a Daring Adventurer and a Thinker. He is called Fella. The Mumma can do many things. She mixes medicines and she brings babies into Triflora. She loves wool and beautiful yarn and can make clothes and scarfs and most importantly – Mumma Kath makes HATS.  One day, I shall tell you more about her hats. The Dadda is the Maker and Keeper of the Lights. Lights are almost as important in a Fairy World as Music is. Their house is called the Light House.

Dadda Sincas is also a Fireman. The Firemen are very well trained and they handle a lot of the emergencies that come up. All the Firemen carry alarms that tell them when there is a Fire and if the alarm goes off – those Firemen are out of there in a moment!


Sincas has 9,238,000 ideas about Lights. He can’t make that many lights by himself.  He needs Helpers.

And he does have some very good Helpers.

BUT – some of them DRINK. They drink HUGE barrels of interesting drinks. These are the Rascally Rogues.

They think they make better lights when they drink a Barrel of Grog – but they don’t. They make weird things.

Light Makers can be very peculiar indeed.



Dolly has a kitchen of her very own. She wears an apron when she is cooking and asks her friends over for a meal.

Dolly takes care of the animals. She has 16 kinds of Chooks, 11 types of ducks and many more.

The Golden Goose lives right in the middle of Dolly’s yard. She is safe there. Noone else knows that the eggs she lays are Golden.






Brownies do love Village Life. They like being busy and they like having things to do. John Joseph is probably the smartest dresser of all the Brownies. He even adds colour sometimes. Not many Brownies do that. They all wear BROWN.

But John Joseph adds “touches of colour”. That’s what he calls his blue hat and his silver bells and his bright red shoes.

He is VERY fussy about keeping House. He lives with the Oddling Dreamer. The Dreamer does a lot of sitting and thinking and dreaming and he doesn’t have to worry about the House because John Joseph keeps it clean and neat and even adds a vase of flowers every single morning.


Gardens grow all round the Village. Plants of all kinds.

Do be very careful when you come to visit.

Some plants are actually Homes for Fairies and Flower Children and other Beings.

Just the other day, Katriona heard a tiny wee noise in a vine the grows on her cottage wall and when she looked under the leaves, she saw a Butterfly Fairy just sitting there and singing.



In the middle of the Village is a well. A well is a deep hole in the ground and it goes down to water. You can put a bucket on a rope and lower it all the way down, fill it up and bring it back to the top. Wells are a bit old fashioned these days but Triflora has a few.  Nerissa lives at the bottom of a Well. 

The Well in the middle of the Village can take you down to Nerissa’s house – if you are a Seashellian or another kind of Mer Person.

The Well in the Middle of the Village has the sweetest and best water in all of Triflora.

The Well in the Middle of the Village has the best and sweetest Well Keeper in all of Triflora.  Her name is Muriel. She wears pretty clothes in bright colours and her hair is so long that it touches her feet. Muriel likes to send the bucket deep into the Well and bring back a fresh drink of Water for People and Beings. Muriel gives people a drink from her silver jug and they ALWAYS feel better.

Muriel made herself a promise years ago. She promised herself that she would ask NO questions of the people who came to the Well. The Drinkers usually had a secret of some kind but Muriel would not ask them to tell her anything. So, she just smiles and gives them a drink and listens if they want to talk.  She doesn’t tell other people’s secrets to anyone at all.

Muriel is VERY wise and People and Beings trust her without even knowing why.


The Cats are very happy with their own Island. They come and go whenever they want and no Cat has to live in a mess anymore. Cats do not like Mess. They like things to be IMMACULATE. They are even fussier than John Joseph, the Brownie with a touch of colour. If anyone tries to make a cat sleep outside or in a messy place, the Cat just says Goodbye and Miaow and takes the Ferry across to Cat and Fiddle Island. There is ALWAYS a place for a Cat on the Island.


At the edge of the Village are some of the Farms. Triflora water is good stuff and so is Triflora’s milk. Milking cows is another thing that Brownie John Joseph does REALLY well. It seems to be second nature to them.

Show a John Joseph a cow and before you know it, he has a milking stool out, a milking apron on and he is filling a cup with the milk faster than anyone else in Triflora can even imagine.

I don’t know how John Jo makes the milk taste so good. It could be the strange Brownie milking song he sings or it could be the tender way he talks to the Cows. 

John Joseph is very popular in the Village.  Everyone loves him and John Jo loves them all.





SAFFRON likes walking about the Village. She dresses up smartly and takes herself out for the day.

She looks at this and she looks at that. She feels the Sun warm her up and the Wind blow gently on her cheeks. Just this week, she started out on her walk. The leaves had fallen from the trees because it was Autumn. She wore her new coat that Aunt Lindsey had given her and the pink hat Mumma Kate gave her when she was a tiny baby.

Saffron felt something push her in the back. She thought it was the Wind. It knocked her good pink hat right off her red hair.  It blew her McLean Scarf all round her neck.

“I can feel you pushing me!”  said Saffron.  Now, we all know that Saffron can talk to anything or anyone and they understand her and she understands them BUT the voice that answered her was NOT the Voice of the Wind. 


Saffron had heard that voice before. It called her when she was in her bed at night. It whispered to her when she was with her friends. The Voice was beautiful and soft and very soft. But it was SAD.

Saffron could hear it but she could not figure out what it was saying to her. She DID want to help the Voice but she didn’t know what to do. Even Brightee ( her baby doll) didn’t know what to do.


Saffron took the path through the Village to last tree in town. She needed someone to talk to and the best one she could think of was Orang-Outan.  Orang-Outan totally refused to go back to live in the Jungle. She liked the Village. She liked tea and drank coffee in secret. She had built a treehouse in her tree and made curtains for the window. Saffron loved Orang-Outan and often dropped in for a glass of Milk.

She told Orang-Outan about the thing pushing her and about the Voice.

She told Ourang-Outan that the Voice was a beautiful Voice and very soft and very sad.


“ Let me speak to Margay.”  said Orang. Saffron had not met Margray before. It turned out that Margray was invisible most of the time. He could appear and disappear whenever he chose.

Margray and Orang-Outan whispered together for a little while.

naturalhistorypi00wood_0136 Saffron is a very interested person. She finds most things INTERESTING.

She was EXTREMELY interested when another animal appeared.

Good Morning, Oto. We need your help. “

Saffron was very interested when Orang-Outan, Margray and Otocyon all whispered together. After a little while, the three of them sat down with Saffron and began to tell her what they knew about the Voice.

Let me tell you what they knew. Orang, Margray and Oto are all  Shimmer Animals. That means they come and they go. They appear and then they disappear. Sometimes when they disappear, they meet other Beings who can come and go and appear and disappear. Mostly, they all know one another quite well. When they pass in the Shimmering , they say Hello and wave. Sometimes, they become good friends.

Lately they had been seeing someone they had never seen in the Shimmering before. It was a very beautiful Lady. She had a sad face and sad eyes and she was always alone. Most of the time, she was Pale – VERY Pale. But she didn’t stay that way. Suddenly she would turn black and white. Sometimes she would become so colourful that the Shimmer almost burst into flames. She seemed to disappear when she didn’t mean to and appear when she didn’t mean to. They had tried to help her but they didn’t know how because they never knew where she would be or how bright she would be.

Now Saffron really has something interesting to think about. Best she go and find Poppy. She’s the Detective and this sounds like the Pastel Lady. But something is very wrong.





The Village has never had another name. We just call it the Village. It looks quite ordinary.


Nothing in Triflora is ordinary.

On one side of the Village is a park and the park is surrounded by houses. It is called the Oldtime Park. Everything and everyone in Oldtime Park likes to be old fashioned. They like old time clothes and old time cottages and they talk in a very old fashioned way. Some people say that they should “ get with the times”  but the right time for Oldtime Park – IS the Old Times. It’s a very interesting place to be.


Sometimes the Mummas need to go to Mumma School to learn to be the Old Style of Mummas they want to be. Mumma Myrtle had been wrestling Crocodiles for years before she decided to try out mothering.

She took herself off to the TRIFLORA SCHOOL FOR MUMMAS AND AUNTIES and stayed rather a long time.

Mumma Myrtle really just wanted a good reason to play. I must say that she did become rather good at dressing dolls and having fun.

Gee. This is tougher than wrestling crocs!


Mumma Myrtle became SO old fashioned that she wanted the Chidlren to go to bed at 7 o’clock EVERY night. She even wanted the Cat to go to bed at 7 o’clock EVERY night.

We all know that Cats go to bed when THEY want to – not when Mumma Myrtle wants them to.

In fact, the children did not want to go to bed at 7 o’clock EVERY night either.


Mumma Myrtle became very strict about the food that the Children ate.

The Children did not want to hurt Mumma Myrtle’s feelings but this Oldtime stuff was getting a bit too much for them.

One night at 8 o’clock, when they were supposed to be asleep in their beds, they were talking things over with one another, when above their heads they heard a tap taP tAP TAP.

Down came a set of stairs, right through the ceiling and Granny Eloise poked her head through and said :



Come up here, O dusty feet!

Here is fairy bread to eat.

Here in my retiring room.

Children you may dine.

On the golden smell of broom,

and the shade of pine.

And when you have eaten well

Fairy stories Hear and Tell.


Ever since then, the Children go to bed quite happily. Mumma Myrtle thinks that its because she has become SUCH a good oldtime mother – but we know that every night, after they have kissed their Mumma Good Night and she has turned off the lights, down come Granny Eloise’s steps and up go the Children for their Fairy Bread and Fairy Tales. Now, everyone is happy.





Things are ‘Back to Normal’ in Triflora. Saffron is taking care of Dadda Jai while her Mumma is at school. 

Poppy has time now to talk to the Pastel People. Their Lady is still missing. Poppy has talked to the Pastel People 4 times now. The thing that is worrying them all is this : Is their Lady missing or has she become so pale that she simply cannot be seen any more.

Rose and the Dragons are back in the Dragon Caves.

canadianwonder00macmrich_0143 (1)

The People of the Whales are taking their time heading Home. They like visiting the other Water People and they also like a bit of risky adventure.  The People of the Whale have sent the Children home on Winston and they have plans to go looking for Trouble. It doesn’t seem a very sensible idea and it doesn’t seem like the sort of idea that will work out well but the People of the Whale are going to try it anyway.

They are very good at Adventure and they do know what Trouble is like so perhaps things will work out alright.