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One of the Doorways into Triflora from the World Up Top hasn’t been used for more than 27.000 days. It was one of the very first doorways between the worlds but noone and nothing has come through for all that time.


The Guardians of the Unkya Doorway have totally forgotten why they are there.

They have forgotten that there are Beings they should not let IN to Triflora  and other Beings that they should not let OUT of Triflora.

The Web Master thought there was nothing for him to do at the Unkya Doorway and went far away. That was before the Skeletons decided to take a trip up to the World on Top. It was before the Guardians took to drinking Mickey’s Blue Drink and way before the Ribble Rabble came to live there. aquavespa

It was one night when Mickey was dropping some Blue Drink in that she decided things were getting way too bad.  Mick knows about things like that and she knows the BAD STUFF that can happen.  She took one look at what the Guardians and the Ribble Rabble were up to and headed off to bring the Webmaster home.

By the time the WebMaster came home, things were really in a mess and he knew he had a lot of work to do. The very first thing was to get the Skeletons to go back to the Coffins and lie down.



The Web Master is a great believer in Cats. He sent Mickey off pretty quick smart to fetch Leox. The Skeletons  were not so cheeky when Lions were around. They know how Lions feel about bones and there isn’t much more to the Skeletons than BONES ! BONES ! BONES !

The WebMaster has an organised mind. He knows how to do one thing at a time. That’s why he began with the Skeletons. He grabbed a bone-breaker to use until Leox arrived. He hoped he wouldn’t need to hurt too many or snap too many bones but he wasn’t letting the Skeletons through the Doorway. Who knows what they would have looked like once their molecules had been rearranged?


Once Leox had the Skeletons heading back to their Grave Yard, WebMaster took a good look at the Unkya Guardians. They were truly a MESS – bigtime.

The were going to need a complete reprogramming.

First, they needed to sleep off whatever it was that was wrong with them. The WebMaster could deal with them when they woke up.  In the Meantime, he had best get some temporary Guardians.


As you know, each Doorway needs 3 Guardians.  Triflora is a great place for the Number 3.

He called in the 3 Girls. The 3 Girls are experts at fixing up Messes.

Delilah Mae looks a bit of a mess herself. Funny that because she just can’t stand Mess around her. Those Unkya Doorway Men are going to be sorry they made such a mess when Delilah Mae gets to them.

Delilah Mae knows how to tell when there is something messy going on that noone else can see. She stands very still, pulls her skirts up over her head and HUMS.  Hmmmmm. Hmmm. Hmm.

Next thing, you know, she goes straight to where the Hidden  Mess is ! I think she will be extremely busy on this Job.


Elspeth Gertrude is very neat and tidy. She is the second one of the 3 Girls.  Elspeth Gertrude has perfect hearing. She hears anyone coming to the Doorway even if they are being very quiet. She can hear WHISPERS.

She will be the perfect temporary Guardian for the Unkya Doorway. She can hear the Whispers of Today and she can hear the Whispers of Yesterday and Tomorrow.

She will be able to hear everything that was said while the Webmaster was away. That could be very important.She will know if anyone has come in or out through the Doorway.



The third of the 3 Girls is Amanda Louisa. Amanda wears a long silver cloak made of silk when she is on a job with the 3 Girls. Amanda Louise cries all the time when she is working.

That sounds very sad but it really is not. She cries the Tears of Silver Water that wash away all sadnesses and heartbreaks.

As soon as her tears touch a sad place, they turn into silver twinkles.

The Web Master can go on with his work with the 3 Girls taking care of the Doorway.

Nana is pleased about the 3 Girls but she doesn’t know that the WebMaster has asked them to bring their 3 Cats with them. That will be a surprise for her!

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