Yes, that is my place. Up there at the top of the Tower. I like to be able to see the Passing Parade. One thing about Triflora, A Parade of some kind is ALWAYS passing.

The 3 Girls told me to tell you a few things from time to time. So, here I am.

The first thing is that you will see a LOT of animated Gifs here in Triflora. I am an Animated Gif Collector. THEY say you can have too many animated gifs but I say you can NEVER have enough.

The second thing is that I am a very honest woman. I do not steal anything ever and I do not tell lies. Nevertheless, I have somehow acquired for free quite a lot of beautiful pictures and they are all mixed up with the Animated Gifs.

The Third Thing is that some of our friends and family have come right along to help out. Cassandra has made special ceramics for us . JoPom has drawn pictures and so have Tobi and Lil. Soon we will have some songs and stories as well.  I would not be surprised if someone from Unkya sends us a Secret Society Tattoo as well.

danishfairylegen00ande_0275I don’t think our friends and family want to see me taken to Court again for stealing things. I don’t think they want to see the Policeman try to take my fingerprints again either. So they send me things for free. They are all a bit soft when it comes to Police and Judges.  I say – Police and Judges deserve what they get if they hurt a Nana’s feelings. I have very sensitive fingertips and am very gentle unless …… some idiot tells me I have too many animated gifs.



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