Before we go into the Garden, I thought I should let you know that not ALL Fairies are quite right.

Some of them are VERY strange indeed so DO BE CAREFUL !

The Twins up above simply sit around all day and do nothing at all to help out.

They look in mirrors and blink their eyes faster than a butterfly can flap its wings. They seem to think that any gold lying about belongs to them so DO NOT leave any jewellery where they can snatch it.

It seems to me that noone else matters to them but themselves and that is just NOT RIGHT for a Fairy.

I don’t think the twins would actually hurt anybody – only the VERY WORST Fairy would actually hurt someone – but they are VERY careless about other people’s feelings.

It seems to me that the only things they care about are makeup and hair and clothes and gold.

And that is a shame because they were very sweet babies. Noone expected them to grow up and become so STRANGE.


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