We know that you haven’t met many of us. We are a quiet lot.  We enjoy our Farmyard and we love living in Triflora. ant


Just lately, things have been a bit difficult here. For a while, we thought we might never be happy again. Most Folk don’t want to talk about it but we think we had best tell you. As you know, Poppy’s Father, Mad O’Brian,  has been learning all the skills that a Magician needs. There isn’t much he can’t do now. He has Magic in his fingertips and even in the sparkle of his eyes.

There doesn’t seem to be a problem with that, does there ?

Trouble is that Jo, Poppy’s Mumma, liked him better before he became a Full Wizard and now she doesn’t want to live with him anymore. Poppy was very, very, very sad for a very, very, very long time.  She would NOT run the Store and she would NOT smile.


All of Triflora was upset. One day, the Angry Bull got SOOOOO angry that he went hurtling around to Poppy and gave ger a good talking to.  The Black Sheep jumped up and down and Madame Cow talked and talked and talked. Black_sheep_2Black_sheep

Bored_cow_2Well, Poppy just didn’t know how many people LOVED her.  Now she is back to her own self. She is Taller and even Cleverer and even  more Wonderful than before. Bored_cow


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