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We know that you haven’t met many of us. We are a quiet lot.  We enjoy our Farmyard and we love living in Triflora. ant


Just lately, things have been a bit difficult here. For a while, we thought we might never be happy again. Most Folk don’t want to talk about it but we think we had best tell you. As you know, Poppy’s Father, Mad O’Brian,  has been learning all the skills that a Magician needs. There isn’t much he can’t do now. He has Magic in his fingertips and even in the sparkle of his eyes.

There doesn’t seem to be a problem with that, does there ?

Trouble is that Jo, Poppy’s Mumma, liked him better before he became a Full Wizard and now she doesn’t want to live with him anymore. Poppy was very, very, very sad for a very, very, very long time.  She would NOT run the Store and she would NOT smile.


All of Triflora was upset. One day, the Angry Bull got SOOOOO angry that he went hurtling around to Poppy and gave ger a good talking to.  The Black Sheep jumped up and down and Madame Cow talked and talked and talked. Black_sheep_2Black_sheep

Bored_cow_2Well, Poppy just didn’t know how many people LOVED her.  Now she is back to her own self. She is Taller and even Cleverer and even  more Wonderful than before. Bored_cow





Before you read this  page, be sure to close your eyes and whisper TRIFLORA. There are some creatures who should never see this story and we don’t want them to know the secret password.

Okay – this is what happened. 

When Rose and Poppy and Saffron first found the entrance to the Fairy Garden. they thought that everybody in the Garden was going to be good and beautiful and kind.  I think that was because it was the lovely Lady Gilda who showed them the tiny wee entrance and the Lady Gilda is DEFINITELY good and beautiful and kind.

Rose and Poppy and Saffron had gone down through the pine cones one day in Winter to look for Wallabies. That’s when they saw a tiny wee lady with long curling golden hair. She was sitting in the middle of a HUGE pile of food and drinks.  They were rather surprised to see her and she was VERY surprised to see them.  Lady Gilda knew straight away that the three girls were GOOD and KIND and CLEVER.

The three girls could hardly believe their luck. A Fairy ! 

They looked a little more closely. No wings !  That meant that she wasn’t a Fairy.

The Girls wanted to ask about her wings – but it seemed a little rude to ask a question like that when they didn’t even know her. So they didn’t say anything at all.

The Little Lady smiled at them. She did not very often take new people through the Secret Doorway but she just knew that Rose and Poppy and Saffron would fit in PERFECTLY.  AND she had so much food to carry.

Come with me to the Fairy Garden” , said the Lady Gilda. “ I do really need your help to carry all this food and drink. What are your names ?


Lady Gilda was amazed and this is what she taught them:

“When we get close to the tiny doorway to the Fairy Garden, all hold hands, close your eyes and whisper – very softly – TRIFLORA, which of course means 3  flowers , just like you three girls.  Only people who know the  word TRIFLORA can pass through the tiny doorway and there MUST be 3 people or more  or the door simply won’t open. Now, pick up as much of the food as you can carry and come with me.”

As soon as the 3 girls whispered TRIFLORA at the Doorway, The Fairy Guardians  twirled them and swirled them and shivered their Molecules into Fairy Dust till they were TINY and the food and drink shimmered and glittered and smelt DELICIOUS.

That was the very first time that Rose and Poppy and Saffron went down into the Secret Garden. They did NOT know that the people of the Garden had been waiting for 22,000 years, 10 months and 16 days for 3 little girls who had the names of  3 different flowers to come one Winter’s Day and look for Wallabies.

The Little Lady Gilda smiled.  She was very happy. Never again would she have to go out of the Secret Garden to buy food from the Rats and their Gang. They didn’t want money for their food and drink. They wanted her Golden Curls. They wouldn’t let anyone else come with her and every day she had to let them run their claws through her hair and choose the curls they wanted to pay for the food and drink. They didn’t even use scissors to cut the curls. They chewed them off with their pointed teeth or sharp beaks. Every day, she had to carry piles of food and drink that were too heavy for her. The Rats and their gang had ripped off her fairy wings and when she was near them she felt very creepy indeed.

The trouble was that without the Triflora Girls, nothing in the Secret garden was growing quite rightly and there was never quite enough food or drink.  That is why Lady Gilda had to go above ground to shop with the Rats. Now that all 3 Girls had come at last, she NEVER EVER had to go shopping Up There again. Gilda knew that the Garden would have delicious fruit and gigantic vegetables and wonderful juices from the moment they whispered TRIFLORA and the Guardians let them in with all their good magic.

And even without wings, she would be happy. She might even open a shop of her own. She would never be cruel to the customers. Not ever.




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